Fun Things to Do in Isla Mujeres

By Catherine

The Best Things to Do in Isla Mujeres – Tips for All Kinds of Travelers

If you’re planning your first trip to Isla Mujeres, you’re in for a real treat. I’ve been to this little slice of paradise off the coast of Cancun more times than I can count. Growing up in Playa del Carmen, taking off for Isla was a regular getaway for my family. We had our favorite places to stay, our favorite restaurants and of course all our favorite beaches!

Isla Mujeres isn’t just about kicking back and soaking up the sun (though that’s a big part of its charm). It’s an island that is growing and changing. There is a lot more to do and see now than there used to be. I know the island well but I still find something new and exciting every time we go.

Things to do in isla mujeres

I’ve zipped around the island on a golf cart and longboarded with my brother through streets lined with vibrant murals. I learned to snorkel off Playa Norte and I’ve dived into the deep blue to swim alongside majestic whale sharks. Trust me, it’s as amazing as it sounds! Whether you’re exploring ancient Mayan ruins, snorkeling the incredible underwater museum, or just chilling at a beach club, every moment on Isla Mujeres is a memory in the making.

But first, the basics. If you have been to Isla Mujeres before, you can skip through this. If this is your first time visiting the island, whether it’s for a fun day trip from Cancun or an extended vacation, here are some articles to help make your trip planning a bit easier.

The Best Time to Go to Isla Mujeres

How to Get to Isla Mujeres

Planning the Best Day Trip to Isla Mujeres

Things to be Careful of on Isla Mujeres

So, read along as I share some of the best places to visit and the best things to do in Isla Mujeres. I’ve done almost all of these myself. A few are still on my “Isla Bucketlist”. I can’t wait to give you the inside scoop on my favorite things to do to make your travel experiences as unforgettable as mine have been.

Watch the Sunrise at Punta Sur

Punta Sur is the very easternmost point of Mexico meaning this is the spot where the sun first hits the country and being there to see it is a must if you are visiting the island. Early mornings are a magical time to be at Punta Sur, so if you are staying nearby or have access to a golf cart, make the effort one day to be there just before dawn. Catching the sunrise at Punta Sur is a magical experience and something that you should put on your “Isla Bucketlist”. 

The lighthouse at punta sur, with the beautiful calm blue ocean behind it.

If you can’t easily make it to Punta Sur, another great place to watch the sunrise is on the East Malecon. This oceanfront boardwalk stretches from Playa Media Luna and runs south to the end of town. Here you can easily find a quiet spot for your morning yoga practice, meditation or just a cup of coffee to watch the start of the day.

Have Breakfast at a Local Café

Mango cafe isla mujeres

There’s no better way to start your day than with breakfast at one of Isla Mujeres’ charming local cafés. Indulge in freshly brewed coffee, delicious pastries, and a variety of breakfast dishes that’ll give you the energy you need for a day of exploration. If I am with my family, Polo’s Mango Café is always our first-morning breakfast. Downtown, we also like Cafe Mogagua, Green Demon and Rooster. For cheap eats, we like Q’Bravo and the Mercado Municipal. 

Cafe mogagua isla mujeres

If I am traveling alone and on a budget, I will generally stock up on breakfast food at Super Aki or Chedraui and eat breakfast in my room before heading out for the day. But, I also leave some extra funds to splurge on a nice cup of coffee in the local cafes. It’s a nice way to start the day and a good way to meet fellow solo travelers.

Explore the Island by Golf Cart

Zipping around this small island on a golf cart is not just convenient, it’s a blast! It’s the easiest way to see everything Isla Mujeres has to offer. You can find a plethora of golf cart companies just a short walk from the ferry dock. So, you can just hop in a cart, feel the breeze in your hair, and explore every nook and cranny of the entire island. From hidden beaches to quaint little cafes, you’re in for a fun adventure. 

Golf carts parked on a sandy street by a beach club on isla mujeres.

My mom wrote a great article about how to arrange golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres which will give you all the info you need.

Explore Punta Sur

At the southern tip of the island lies Punta Sur, a place that’s as rich in beauty as it is in history. Here you can find dramatic cliffs that plunge into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, creating views that are simply breathtaking. For a small extra charge, you can get away from the throngs of tourists and explore the cool sculpture park, visit the old lighthouse and walk the paths along the cliff walls. 

Statue of ixchel on isla mujeres - the history of isla mujeres

Don´t miss what’s left of the temple of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel. It may not be as impressive as Chichen Itza but it’s a spot that’s steeped in ancient island mystique. The energy here, especially at sunrise, is something truly special.

Stroll Avenida Miguel Hidalgo

Avenida Miguel Hidalgo is the main street in downtown and the heart and soul of Isla Mujeres. This pedestrian-only street is where the island’s pulse beats the loudest. Lined with dozens of shops, restaurants, and bars, it’s the perfect place to wander, shop, and indulge in some people-watching. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely meal, a cold gelato, or just want to browse through local craft shops, this vibrant street has it all. Hanging out on Hidalgo is definitely one of the most popular things to do in Isla Mujeres. This is also where you are going to find the best nightlife on the island.

Stroll along hidalgo on isla mujeres

Shop for Cool Souvenirs

Strolling through the local shops in search of souvenirs is a delightful way to spend an afternoon. If you are looking for inexpensive souvenirs to bring home, you can find a lot of “Isla-themed” souvenirs from the vendors near the Isla Mujeres ferry dock or in dozens of shops along Hidalgo. If you are looking for cute shot glasses, magnets, t-shirts etc, you can take your pick. A lot of these shops sell the same items so don’t be afraid to haggle for a better price. 

Shopping on isla mujeres

If you are looking for some nicer things…clothes, accessories and jewelry… my mom loves El Negrito in Centro and Motherland in Isla Village. If you are in the market for beautiful swimwear, Gladys Beachwear is really worth the trip. She has some gorgeous off-the-rack designs and can even create a bathing suit just for you! If you are looking for something unique, we like the Women’s Beading Cooperative for really pretty, hand-beaded jewelry. The ladies are always so nice and the prices are AMAZING. Shopping here is a great way to support local artisans and bring a piece of Isla Mujeres back home with you.

Explore Mayan Ruins

History buffs, this one’s for you. The Temple of Ixchel, dedicated to the Mayan goddess of the moon and fertility, is a must-visit. These ruins may not be as grand as some others in Mexico, but their cliffside location overlooking the Caribbean Sea is truly spectacular. It’s a window into the island’s ancient past and a great spot for some introspection. 

Mayan ruins overlooking the ocean on isla mujeres

For another glimpse of Isla Mujeres history, visit the old cemetery downtown and hunt for the grave of Mundaca, the island’s most famous resident pirate. Legend holds that the grave is actually empty but you can still have fun looking for the distinctive skull and crossbones carved into the stone – the mark of the pirate!

Visit the Mercado Municipal

To really get a feel for local life, spend some time at the Mercado Municipal. This bustling local market is where island residents come for their daily needs and where you can dive into authentic Mexican cuisine. From fresh produce to spicy tacos and everything in between, it’s a feast for the senses. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the lively atmosphere and the warm people you’ll meet. If you are traveling on a budget, the municipal market is a great place to try great local food and not break the bank.

Mexican chiles and spices in a market

Enjoy Fresh Seafood

If you’re a seafood lover like me, welcome to paradise. As you can imagine, the local cuisine here is centered around the freshest catch from the sea. Some of my best memories are of eating fresh ceviche made from the fish we had just pulled in on our own lines. An island specialty is Pescado Tikin Xic, a whole fish marinated in citrus juice and axiote, wrapped in banana leaves and baked over hot coals  For the very best, head over to Playa Lancheros and La Casa del Tikinxic where they have been making this ancient Maya delicacy for over 80 years! 

Lunch on playa lancheros, isla mujeres

The restaurants here range from laid-back beach shacks to upscale international restaurants, each offering its unique take on local flavors. Some of the best seafood restaurants on the island don’t look like much so don’t judge a book by its cover! Think of it as a culinary adventure.

Visit the Isla Mujeres Letter Sign

No trip to Isla Mujeres is complete without a photo at the iconic, vibrant sign. My mom probably (definitely) thinks it’s dumb but I think it’s a rite of passage! This colorful landmark is a favorite spot for a quick selfie or a group shot. It’s a fun, free way to capture memories of your island adventure and let’s be honest, it’s going to look great on your Instagram. 

A gomar ii golf cart in front of the isla mujeres sign on the malecon.

The original Isla Mujeres letter sign is located on the east side of the island, just south of downtown but there are a handful of similar signs scattered all over the island. Jump in your golf cart and try to find them all!

Look for the Sea Wall Murals

There is a lot of very cool urban art on Isla Mujeres, especially in the downtown area. But one art installation is particularly notable and worth looking out for. As you explore Centro, keep an eye out for the gorgeous Sea Wall Project murals. These ocean-themed artworks are not just beautiful; they tell stories and raise awareness about marine conservation. 

If you are traveling with kids, you can make it a treasure hunt to discover each unique piece. Another option is this fun Street Art Tour that will show you the sea murals and all the best street art in downtown Isla.

Explore the Island by Bike

There’s something special about exploring Isla Mujeres on two wheels. Riding a bike forces you to go slow and appreciate the natural beauty of the island. Renting a bike is not only eco-friendly, but it also gives you the freedom to see the entire island at your own pace. 

Tacos de humo isla mujeres

Pedal through colorful streets, stop at hidden beaches, and feel the island breeze in your hair. It’s a great way to get a little exercise while soaking up the local scenery – perfect for those who love a bit of adventure with their relaxation. For sure, this is the best way to see the entire island if you are on a tight budget. Keep in mind, the roads on Isla are narrow and some of the drivers are not as careful as they should be. I don’t think I would recommend this with little kids. Better to rent a golf cart instead.

Visit the Tortugranja (Turtle Farm)

Whether you are traveling with kids or not, on of the things you must do on Isla Mujeres is visit the Tortugranja. Tortugranja is a turtle farm that is dedicated to the conservation of endangered sea turtles. It’s a great place to learn about these fascinating creatures and their journey from hatchling to the sea. For a small entrance fee, you can witness the incredible work being done to protect these turtles. 

Tutrle in isla mujeres turtle sanctuary

There are tanks with turtles of all sizes, some of which are being rehabilitated until they can be released back into the ocean. There is a nursery where at-risk nests are safely relocated during the season. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see some baby turtles. It’s an experience that’s both heartwarming and educational and 100% of the fees collected go toward conservation efforts. Tortugranja closed down for a couple of years to “restructure” and we were happy to see it reopened on our last visit.

Try an Island Pub Crawl

One of the coolest things to do on Isla Mujeres is to check out all the cool little beach bars that are scattered around the island – a tropical golf cart pub crawl if you will. What’s not cool is drinking and driving which, aside from being a really stupid idea, will likely land you in jail. 

Renting a golf cart on isla mujeres

I recommend this island-style pub crawl as a great way to check out some of the cool off-the-beaten-path beach bars on the island, have some tasty drinks, visit the local brewery sample and learn about Mezcal. The best part is, that someone will do the driving for you so you can feel free to relax, enjoy some tropical adult beverages and not worry about getting home safely. The tour provides drivers and a local guide who will show you a great time and tell you everything you might want to know about Isla Mujeres!

Attend the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair

For a taste of the island’s vibrant local art scene, make sure to visit the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair. Held weekly during the high season, this event showcases the work of local artists and craftspeople, from paintings and sculptures to handmade jewelry and textiles. It’s a colorful, lively gathering that offers a peak into the island’s art scene. 

It’s a good place to find unique decorative items and gifts that support the residents of Isla Mujeres. You can also find great food vendors and local musical acts playing. It’s a fun event for everyone, locals and visitors alike. You can find the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair at the Casa de la Cultura at the corner of Avenida Guerrero and Calle Abasolo. DISCONTINUED

Visit the Zocalo (Town Square)

For a slice of local life, head to the Zocalo after sunset. During the daytime, in the island’s town square, there is not much to see. The park is dominated by the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the town hall. You can also find the Mercado Municipal here, a small park for kids and the biggest grocery store on the north end, Super Aki. 

At night, the square completely transforms into a bustling hub of activity where you can enjoy people-watching, grab a bite from food vendors, and sometimes catch music and dance performances. It’s a great place to feel the island’s heartbeat, try some delicious street food and mingle with the locals and your fellow travelers.

Experience the Local Nightlife

When the sun sets, Isla Mujeres transforms. The nightlife here is something else – think live music, friendly locals, and an atmosphere that’s less crazy (and safer) than Cancun but still fun. Whether you’re into cozy lounges with acoustic sets, fun karaoke bars or lively clubs where you can dance the night away, there’s something for everyone. 

I have always found Isla Mujeres to be very safe but as a young, single female, I also try to make myself aware of the risks anywhere I go. Personally, I feel comfortable going out alone in downtown Isla at night. But, it’s definitely more fun to hang out with friends and a good idea to go out in a group if possible. If you are traveling solo, see if you can hook up with some fellow travelers at your hotel or hostel.

Sun Soaked Things to Do in Isla Mujeres for Beach Lovers

Relax on Playa Norte

If you’re looking for the quintessential beach experience, Playa Norte (North Beach) is where it’s at. Picture yourself lounging under the shade of swaying palm trees, with some of the best beaches in Mexico right at your feet. Playa Norte has been internationally recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and is the most popular of the beaches on Isla Mujeres. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, soak up the sun, and just let the island’s vibe wash over you. 

Jim walking on playa norte

If you are traveling with kids, Playa Norte is the best place to introduce them to snorkeling. The shallow water is warm and clear and perfect for them to put on a mask and snorkel for the first time (even if they are not swimmers yet) and see the colorful fish darting between their feet. 

Go Beach-Hopping

Isla Mujeres isn’t just about Playa Norte. There’s a whole coastline waiting to be explored. Take a day to jump on a golf cart to venture away from the main beach and beach-hop. From the laid-back vibes of Playa Media Luna to the vibrant scene at Playa Lancheros, each beach has its own unique charm, whether it’s for a quiet read under a palm tree or a lively beach bar scene. 

Sun loungers and umbrellas set up on a beach on isla mujeres ready for guests.

Some of the beaches on Isla Mujeres can only be accessed through a hotel or beach club but the beaches in Mexico are part of the Federal Zone and are available to the public. For a change of pace, spend a few hours scouring the shore for sea shells and sea glass at Playa del Guadalupana, the locals’ beach on the east side of the island. For kids, this is one of the most fun things to do in Isla Mujeres.

Take a Day Trip to Isla Contoy

If you think Isla Mujeres is a slice of paradise, just wait until you visit Isla Contoy. This national park is a protected natural reserve, a haven for wildlife, and a bird sanctuary. Picture yourself wandering on an uninhabited tropical island, spotting endangered marine birds and other island creatures. The, cool off in the island’s crystal-clear waters, interacting with curious sting rays and other marine life. 

Boat docked on isla contoy

A day on Isla Contoy is a quieter, more serene experience compared to the bustling beaches of Isla Mujeres. Access to Isla Contoy is limited to just 200 visitors per day and you have to book through a regulated tour guide to see the island. There are some good options for Isla Contoy tours listed here. This is a very special day trip and if you are staying on Isla Mujeres for an extended stay, you must make time for it.

Visit Garrafon de Castillo

Long before Zama, there was Garrafon de Castillo, an “old-Isla” beach club and a favorite spot of ours for many years. For a small entrance fee, you have access to the whole facility, lounge chairs in the sun or under shade, restrooms, showers and lockers. There is also food and drink available to purchase as reasonable prices. You can rent snorkel gear and buy special food to feed the tropical fish that you will find in droves on the reef just offshore. This is one of the best places on the island to snorkel from shore. 

An areal view showing the beautiful clear waters infront of garrafon de castillo, isla mujeres

And let’s not forget the resident iguanas – these friendly locals are always up for sunbathing alongside you and polishing off your leftover chips. Heads up…they are NOT shy! Garrafon de Castillo is a quieter alternative to the island’s busier beaches and perfect for a day of underwater exploration and relaxation.

Splurge at a Fancy Beach Club

If you’re looking to up the relaxation ante, spend a day at one of the best Isla Mujeres beach clubs. Back in the day, Zama (the original location) was our go-to beach club and for a long time, it was the only upscale option on the island. Jump ahead 10 years and there are dozens of very fancy beach clubs to choose from. Imagine, lounging on a shaded beach bed with uninterrupted views of the crystal-clear waters. You can be served world-class cuisine beachside or take a dip in the outdoor pool and sample signature cocktails from the swim-up bar. It’s the ultimate way to unwind in style. 

The new zama beach club on playa norte

We still always make time for Zama Beach Club in its new location downtown on Playa el Cocal. We miss the multi-level infinity pools but the beach is better here and they still have great food, drinks and service and the valet parking is a nice touch.

Check out my mom’s article for a great guide to ALL the different options for beach clubs on Isla Mujeres. I’m trying to convince her to take us to TABOO. Not holding my breath….

Be a Kid Again at Parque de los Sueños

When we were little, my brother and I loved this place and we still like it now! It’s actually part of a boutique hotel property but outside visitors are also welcome. For a small entrance fee, you get access to all the facilities. There are waterslides, rope swings, climbing walls and ziplining. You can paddleboard, kayak or just hang out in the infinity pools with amazing views across the bay. This is also a great spot if you like snorkeling. 

Looking over the pool to the jetty going into the ocean at casa de los suenos, isla mujeres

You can spend a whole day here as they have lockers, showers and food and drink available for purchase. This is a fantastic place to spend a long day enjoying the warm waters of Isla Mujeres away from the hustle and bustle of Centro. If you are traveling to Isla Mujeres with kids, Parque de los Sueños is going to be the best time ever!

Watch the Sunset at Playa el Cocal

If you are not up for a sunset cruise, head over to Playa el Cocal. Nestled between Playa Norte and Playa Centro, this stretch of beach is the perfect spot to watch the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of orange and pink. It’s usually less crowded than Playa Norte, offering a more intimate sunset experience. Bring a beach blanket, maybe a bottle of wine, and enjoy the free show nature puts on every evening. You can usually find us in front of Zama, wading out into the water hoping to see the “green flash“!

Aerial view of playa el cocal on isla mujeres

Top Things to Do in Isla Mujeres On or Under the Sea

Swim with Whale Sharks

Ask anyone who has done it and they will agree that swimming with the whale sharks is one of the best things to do on isla Mujeres. It is an absolute blast and a great reason to visit Isla Mujeres in the off-season summer months! The whale sharks migrate through the warm Mexican Caribbean every year to feed on plankton and other microscopic sea life These impressive creatures can reach lengths of over 30 feet but are completely harmless to humans. Imagine … swimming alongside the biggest fish in the sea! Getting up close and personal with them in the water is a surreal and unforgettable experience. You might even spot some manta rays while you’re out there. 

Michele catherine and cole out on a whale shark tour from isla mujeres

My friend’s father has a dive company on the island so we go out on his boat but any tour operators offer this incredible experience during the Isla Mujeres whale shark season between May and September. Swimming with the whale sharks is an experience worth planning a trip around. Trust me. This is something you’ll be talking about for years.

Snorkel the Mesoamerican Reef

Speaking of underwater wonders, the snorkeling in Isla Mujeres is top-notch. There are a couple of spots on the island where you can get in and explore the coral reef right from the shore but to get the most out of your visit, booking a snorkeling tour is a good option. One of the underwater wonders you’ve got to check out is the MUSA underwater museum – it’s like nothing else and it’s only accessible on a tour. Picture hundreds of serene sculptures beneath the waves, all teeming with marine life. It’s an art gallery and a natural aquarium all in one. 

A parrot fish swimming over the reef in isla mujeres

You can check out this related article to find the best snorkeling tour for you so you can see this for yourself.

Discover the Underwater Museum (MUSA)

Ready for an underwater adventure like no other? The MUSA dive site is where art meets the ocean. This unique underwater museum features over 500 sculptures, each with its own story, all nestled on the ocean floor just offshore from isla Mujeres. You can only experience this surreal sculpture garden on a snorkeling tour or SCUBA diving excursion but it’s definitely worth the effort. This is a truly unique experience that combines the thrill of diving, the science of conservation and the wonder of art.

Musa underwater museum in cancun

Take a Catamaran Tour

Seeing Isla Mujeres from the water is a whole different experience. Hop on a catamaran tour and let the wind guide you around the island. It’s a relaxing way to spend a few hours, with stunning views of Isla with its white sand beaches and remarkable turquoise waters. There are lots of Isla Mujeres catamaran cruises to choose from. Some are party-hearty with DJ entertainment and an open bar. Others are more family-friendly and offer snorkeling and water toys to have fun on. Find the one that’s perfect for you.

A catamaran on a sunset cruise

Try SCUBA Diving

The waters around Isla Mujeres are a SCUBA diver’s dream. With numerous dive sites, the underwater world here is just as vibrant as the life above. Whether you’re a seasoned diver or want to try SCUBA for the first time, the marine life and coral on the Mesoamerican reef surrounding the island will leave you in awe. 

A lady scuba diving in the shallow ocean off the coast.

Of course, you want to be sure to book your dive trip with a reputable dive shop. Fortunately, there are some excellent dive masters on Isla who will make sure your dive experience is safe and fun. I have issues pressurizing my ears so I stick to snorkeling but my brother loves it. I wish I could come along as it’s one of the experiences that truly showcases the unique underwater beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.

Go Deep-Sea Fishing

Fancy yourself a bit of an angler? Or maybe you just enjoy a day out on the water? Either way, deep-sea fishing in the Mexican Caribbean is an adventure not to be missed. Book a fishing trip or join a fishing tour and head out into the open sea. You’ll have the chance to catch a variety of local species like mahi mahi, wahoo and grouper. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of reeling in your own catch and having fileted up right there on the boat. Plus, it’s a great way to see the island from a different perspective. 

Bottom fishing in mexico - keen m sportfishing - isla mujeres

You can read more about fishing on Isla Mujeres here.

Enjoy a Sunset Sail

Watching the sunset is one of the most glorious things to do in Isla Mujeres. For a truly unforgettable evening, join one of the catamaran sunset party tours. You can spend a few hours on the water, taking in Isla from a different perspective and then watch as the sun sets on the horizon. Imagine cruising along the coast as the sky explodes into a canvas of orange, red and pink! 

Sunset over the caribbean ocean

For a romantic escapade, some tour operators offer private boat options so you and your partner can enjoy the sunset and make amazing memories. Don’t forget your camera – these are moments you’ll want to capture.


So, that’s my list of 31 fun things to do on Isla Mujeres and I think I have just scratched the surface. If you are coming over to the Isla from Cancun or Playa del Carmen and you plan your day right, you can do a lot of these things in one day but I definitely recommend spending at least one night on the island to get the best experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Isla Mujeres

Is Isla Mujeres safe for tourists?

Isla Mujeres is generally regarded as safe for tourists, offering a tranquil and welcoming environment. The island’s smaller size and community-oriented nature contribute to a sense of security, although basic travel safety precautions are always recommended.

Is Isla Mujeres worth visiting?

Isla Mujeres is definitely worth visiting. It’s a captivating destination known for its stunning beaches, clear turquoise waters, and rich cultural experiences. The island’s relaxed vibe and natural beauty make it an ideal spot for both adventure and relaxation.

When is the best time to visit Isla Mujeres?

The best time to visit Isla Mujeres is during the dry season, from November to April. This period offers pleasant weather, making it perfect for beach activities and exploring the island. If you want to swim with the whale sharks, the best time to visit is June through September.

What is Isla Mujeres known for?

Isla Mujeres is renowned for its beautiful Playa Norte, a paradise for beach lovers. It’s also famous for MUSA (Museo Subacuático de Arte), an underwater museum of contemporary art. The island offers amazing opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and interaction with marine life, including the seasonal swimming with whale sharks.

How long to stay in Isla Mujeres

The ideal length of stay in Isla Mujeres depends on your interests and itinerary. A short stay of 2-3 days is sufficient to explore the main attractions, such as the beautiful Playa Norte, Punta Sur, the Tortugranja turtle farm, and the downtown area. If you’re interested in a more relaxed experience or wish to engage in activities like snorkeling, diving, or exploring the island in depth, consider staying for 5-7 days. This will give you time to enjoy all the beaches, local cuisine, and the island’s laid-back lifestyle without feeling rushed.

If you can manage a longer stay on this beautiful island I highly recommend it, even if it is just for one night. You will get so much more out of your experience and really get to see what makes the “Island of Women” so special.

What do you think are the best things to do in Isla Mujeres?

If you have been to Isla Mujeres recently, what were the places and activities that really stuck out in your mind? What do you think are the most memorable things to do on Isla Mujeres? Drop me a comment below!

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