How to Find the Best Golf Cart Rentals on Isla Mujeres

By Michele Samal Kinnon


Tips and Recommendations for Renting a Golf Cart on Isla Mujeres

Do you want to explore Isla Mujeres? Golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres are absolutely the best way to see this small Mexican Caribbean island. It’s certainly the most fun way to explore Isla at your own pace with total freedom. Imagine you, your family and friends cruising around this idyllic island, the warm sun on your skin, the fresh Caribbean breezes blowing through your hair. What better way to discover all that Isla has to offer?

But where to start? This article will give you all the information you need to find a dependable golf cart rental company and get the best cart at a fair rate. You will also get some great tips about places to visit while you have your golf cart and the important rules of the road.

Reserving a Golf Cart: Online Reservations

If this is your first visit to Isla Mujeres, you may want to reserve a golf cart online before you arrive. With a golf cart reserved in advance, you can start your vacation with less stress and more time for fun! If you are visiting the island during peak tourist season, we strongly recommend reserving your golf cart in advance. This will guarantee that you get the cart you want at a reasonable rate rather than get price gauged when you arrive or worse, be unable to find a cart to rent. 

Renting a golf cart on isla mujeres

We have no relationship with any of the Isla Mujeres Golf Cart rental companies mentioned in this article. These are simply our recommendations.

Taste of Isla Golf Cart Rentals

Taste of Isla is a great source of information about Isla Mujeres and they also offer a concierge service offering all kinds of conveniences including golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres. Taste of Isla works with Joaquin Golf Carts, a local company praised for its well-maintained carts and great service. You can find additional information and the rates for your dates on their website.

Family golf cart rental on isla mujeres

Reserve Your Golf Cart

Isla Mujeres Golf Cart Rentals 

This company is known for its commitment to customer service and works with Ppe’s Rentadora, one of the first agencies on the island to rent out golf carts. They offer standard-size carts with a minimum of a 4-day online reservation, though walk-in rentals are available directly at Ppe’s Rentadora in downtown Isla. You can find rates and additional information on their website.

A typical palm tree lined street on isla mujeres full of golf carts.

Reserve Your Golf Cart

Good Mexican Golf Cart Rentals

Good Mexican offers a streamlined online reservation system and express check-in, making it convenient for visitors to secure a golf cart quickly. They provide a range of rental options, including hourly and weekly, and are known for their efficient service. You can find additional information on their website.

Reserve Your Golf Cart

Finding Golf Cart Rentals on Isla Mujeres

If you aren’t ready to reserve just yet, you can always wait until you get to the island. Most of the golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres that we recommend are located in the downtown area, within easy walking distance from the ferry dock

When you arrive on the island, you will likely be approached by numerous golf cart vendors before you even make it out of the ferry terminal. In our experience, these will not be the best carts at the best prices. Instead, it’s better to keep walking to some of the recommended golf cart rental offices and compare rates for yourself. 

These are a few of the companies offering golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres that we have personally used over the years and can recommend.

Mega Ciro’s de Caribe Golf Cart Rental

Mega ciros golf carts on isla mujeres

Address: Av. Guerrero between Matamoros and Adolfo Lopez Mateos

Phone: +52 998 877 0568 

Days/Hours: Open Daily 9 AM – 5 PM


Known for its long-standing presence on the island and reliable service, Mega Ciro’s de Caribe is a favorite among visitors. They offer well-maintained carts and are praised for their customer service. Located at Avenida Guerrero, next to Banco Azteca, they are easily accessible and popular, so advance booking is recommended. 

Prisma Golf Cart Rentals

Best golf cart rentals on isla mujeres

Address: Av. Rueda Medina between 

Phone: +52 998 877 0938
Email: [email protected] 

Days/Hours: Open Daily 9 AM – 8 PM


With rental offices situated conveniently on Av. Rueda Medina, Prisma Golf Cart Rentals is less than two blocks north of the Ultramar ferry. They offer a range of golf carts, including regular and large sizes, with competitive pricing. Their location and variety make them a practical choice for travelers.

Rentadora Joaquin

Joaquin rental golf carts on isla mujeres

Address: Av. Rueda Medina near the corner of Allende

Phone: +52 998 274 0292 

Days/Hours: Open Daily  9 AM – 9 PM


Located on Avenida Rueda Medina just across the street and one block south of the Ultramar ferry dock, Joaquin Golf Cart Rentals is a well-established rental company with a good fleet of dependable standard-size and large carts.

Isla Mujeres Golf Carts Indios

A golf cart on a beach in front of the ocean.

Address: Av. Juarez between Abasolo and Matamoros

Phone: +52 999 777 0003

Email: [email protected]

Days/Hours: Open Daily  9 AM – 5 PM


Located on Av Juárez, Isla Mujeres Golf Carts Indios is known for its quality service and a good selection of dependable golf carts. They are well-liked for their customer service and have received high ratings from users, making them a reliable option for golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres.

Rentadora Ppe’s Golf Cart Rental

A rentadora golf cart in front of their mural.

Address: Av Hidalgo between Matamoros and Abasolo

Phone: +52 998 480 8242, +52 998 525 7729

Days/Hours: Open Daily 9 AM – 7 PM


A very popular choice for visitors looking for good dependable golf carts, Ppe’s Golf Cart Rental is easy to find in Centro on Av. Hidalgo. You may want to reserve in advance, especially during the peak tourist season.

Each of these companies offers a unique set of services and rental options, catering to the diverse needs of visitors to Isla Mujeres. It’s always recommended to check the latest reviews and availability, especially during peak travel seasons

Golf Cart Rental Rates 

Hourly Rental 

You can rent a golf cart by the hour, the day (8-hour rental), for 24 hours or longer. Renting a golf cart by the hour is the least cost-effective option. You can expect to pay around 300 MXN for the hour in a standard 4-person cart. Some of the golf cart companies do not offer rentals by the hour or will insist on a 3-4 hour minimum rental.

Day Rental

If you are planning a day trip to Isla Mujeres and plan your arrival well, a daily rental (8 hours) may be the best option. You can arrive on an early ferry, spend the day exploring the entire island, be back in Centro to drop off the cart at 5 PM. You can still have the evening to check out downtown on foot before the last ferry leaves for Cancun. The cost for a full-day (8-hour rental) for a small 4-person golf cart will cost you 800 MXN – 1000 MXN. 

Best golf cart rentals on isla mujeres

24-Hour Rental

For most people who are coming to the island for the entire day or overnight a 24-hour cart rental seems to work out best. The cost difference between a day rental and 24-hour rental is not so great and the latter gives you a lot more flexibility in your travels. Expect to pay 1200 MXN – 1500 MXN depending on the season and how many days you need the cart.

Weekly Rentals

If you are planning on staying on the island for a week or more (lucky you) you can rent a golf cart for the week at a discounted rate. If you are staying anywhere outside of downtown, transportation will be essential to get you to the grocery store, restaurants, beaches etc. during your stay. Weekly rates for a standard 4 seat cart start at about 4500 MXN and go up from there.

All of the rates mentioned are for a small cart (4-person) and include gas and insurance. Larger 4-seater carts and extended carts for 6 people will be more expensive.

Any rates mentioned in this article are accurate as of the time of publication. Be sure to confirm the current rate for your particular rental date as the prices may change according to the season and the demand. 

What we usually do is arrive on the first ferry and drop our luggage at our hotel of choice. We generally arrange in advance to have the cart delivered to the hotel at 9 AM and picked up the following morning at the same time. This offers us a lot more freedom and eliminates the stress of returning the cart late and incurring a late charge.

What Kind of Golf Carts Are Available on Isla Mujeres

There are three kinds of golf carts that you can choose from depending on your needs. Most of the golf carts in Isla Mujeres are regular carts, that can seat up to 4 people. Some companies offer large 6-person golf carts, but those are harder to find. If you are traveling with a big group, you might have to rent multiple golf carts, if the large ones are not available. All of the golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres are gas powered carts.

Regular Golf Cart – Regular carts have seating for 4 people, two facing front, two facing backward. This is the most economical kind of cart to rent but is only suitable for parties with 4 people or fewer. 

Best golf cart rentals on isla mujeres? 3 gas powered carts in front of the isla mujeres sign.

Large Golf Cart – The larger 4-seater carts seat all passengers facing the front and will have a cargo space in the rear for carrying groceries, beach supplies etc. This is a great option for an extended stay on the island where you will expect to be carting things around with you. Again, the maximum number of people in these carts is 4. The extra basket space is for cargo only.

Large golf cart with cargo basket on a street lined with carts.

Large 6-person Golf Cart – Extended 6-seater carts are a bit harder to find and, as you can imagine, the most expensive option. For larger groups, up to 6 people, this may be the best option for you and more economical than renting 2 regular size golf carts, which is the other option.

A larger seat golf cart for rent on isla mujeres.

What to Expect Renting a Golf Cart on Isla Mujeres

To rent a golf cart on Isla Mujeres, you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver’s license. Some golf cart rental companies require a driver to be age 21+. Some places may ask for a surcharge for drivers under 25 so be sure you inquire in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

Your license will be kept by the golf cart rental company and returned to you when you return the cart. The contract you sign with the company will act as your “Isla license” while you are driving the cart around the island so be sure to carry it with you. Some companies may photocopy your license front and back and give you that copy to have as well.

Before you drive away with the cart you will want to review the cart for any damage. If you have ever rented a car before, then you know the drill. Check for any existing damage and take a picture of it with your camera or cellular phone. Check to make sure they have provided you with a bike lock to secure the cart and that the key works. Check the lights especially if you are going to be driving at night. 

You may or may not be asked to leave a damage deposit for the cart rental. This varies by company. The deposit may be left in cash or they may ask to put a hold on your credit card. This is why it is very important to revise your golf cart before signing the contract and driving away.

Keep in mind that these golf carts get a lot of wear and tear. It’s not unheard of for a cart to break down or have some sort of mechanical issues. Be sure you have an emergency contact for the company should you need roadside assistance or to replace the cart altogether. 

Tips for a Safe and Fun Golf Cart Rental

Your cart rental company of choice will provide you with the rules of the road and you will need to read them and sign acknowledging your understanding. Golf Carts are a lot of fun but they are also big and heavy and can cause a lot of damage if not managed with care. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Golf cart safety on isla mujeres mexico

Follow the Rules of the Road

A golf cart can navigate the streets all over Isla Mujeres just as any other motorized vehicle. That being said, please do try to stay to the right of the road (minding the bike lanes at all times) to allow faster-moving vehicles to pass. 

Use Standardized Cyclist Hand Signals

Many of the rental golf carts on Isla Mujeres do not have any sort of indicators. Please use the standardized hand signals used by cyclists to signal when you are planning to make a turn.

Be Careful Where you Drive and Park

While golf carts are welcome on nearly all of the roads on Isla Mujeres, there are a few places where they are forbidden. No golf carts or vehicles of any kind are allowed on Avenida Hidalgo, Isla’s pedestrian-walking street in downtown. Golf carts are also forbidden on the malecon and on the beaches. Do not park in any area where the curb is painted yellow or you see signs saying No Estacionamiento (no parking).

Golf carts parked on a sandy street by a beach club on isla mujeres.

Use Your Lights at Night

The roads on Isla Mujeres are speed-controlled with speed bumps called  “topes”. If you hit one at running speed, you are in for a nasty surprise. You may be thrown from the cart and injured and the cart may be damaged. It’s also important to look out for pedestrians and scooters operating without lights.

Drivers Must be 18+ and Licensed

On Isla Mujeres, golf carts may only be driven by drivers over the age of 18 in possession of a valid license. Children may not drive golf carts on the island not can they sit in your lap while you are driving. This is something that will get you pulled over very quickly if spotted by local police.

Do NOT Drink and Drive

Isla Mujeres has very strict drinking and driving laws. There is zero tolerance for operating a golf cart, scooter or any vehicle under the influence of alcohol. In the evening, it’s not uncommon to come up on a police checkpoint, stopping vehicles to check for, among other things, drunk drivers. If you have been enjoying a few margaritas at a beach club or having drinks with dinner, better to lock the cart in place and take a taxi home. You can always retrieve it the next day.

10 Great Places to See with Your Golf Cart

Isla Mujeres is a tiny island, just over 5 miles long. In a golf cart, you can navigate most of the island in just a few hours. Many of Isla Mujeres’ famous attractions can be found while driving the scenic route around the island. Take your golf cart on a leisurely drive around the island’s perimeter to enjoy stunning coastal views and discover lesser-known beaches and locales.

You will see many golf carts on Isla Mujeres as this is the top form of transportation. That’s because exploring this beautiful island with a golf cart is an excellent way to discover top Isla Mujeres locations, the best beaches, popular attractions and hidden treasure. Here are our top 10 recommendations for things to do and sights to see with your golf cart rental.

Explore El Centro

The bustling heart of this small island, El Centro offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and markets, ideal for experiencing local culture and cuisine. While most of downtown Isla Mujeres is small enough to explore by foot, a golf cart gets the job done faster. 

Stroll along hidalgo on isla mujeres

With so much to do and see packed into this small space, if you spend an hour or so carting up and down all of the one-way streets you will surely discover some hidden gems along the way. Keep your eyes open for some amazing street art and sculptures as you meander the streets of downtown.

Visit Playa Norte

No trip to Isla Mujeres would be complete without spending some time on Playa Norte. Recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches on Isla Mujeres, Playa Norte or North Beach is a beach lover’s dream come true. World-renowned for its stunning white sand and crystal-clear turquoise blue waters, Playa Norte is one of the best places for swimming, sunbathing, and enjoying some of the island’s best beach clubs.

A beach club on playa norte, isla mujeres

Discover Punta Sur 

Home to a sculpture garden, the remains of the temple of the goddess Ixchel, and breathtaking views of the Caribbean, Punta Sur, the south point of the island, is a popular place to explore and easy to get to with your rented golf cart. You can access Punta Sur by the scenic west coast road. This route will take you past some lovely small hotels and some of the most beautiful vacation homes on the island. Punta Sur is the easternmost point in Mexico which also makes it the best lookout point to catch the sunrise.

Sculpture garden on punta sur

Stop for Cold Coconuts

There is nothing more delicious than ice-cold fresh coconut water from a freshly-cut coconut. While you are driving around the island you will find many roadside coconut stands selling ice-cold coconuts, especially down in the Sac Bajo area and around Punta Sur. This is a real treat and a must-do for our family.

Snorkel at Garrafon de Castillo

Located on the west coast of the island with views across to the Cancun Hotel Zone, this is one of Isla Mujeres’ oldest and most beloved beach clubs and offers a real taste of “Old Isla”. Garrafon de Castillo is a beach club that will be fun for the whole family and popular with island locals. This is also one of the best places to snorkel from the shore and see all the wonders of the Mesoamerican reef up close and in person. 

Jim snorkeling with reef fish at isla mujeres

Visit the Tortugranja (Turtle Farm)

A conservation center for sea turtles, Tortugranja allows visitors to learn about and interact with these magnificent creatures. Closed for several years due to misappropriation of funds, the Tortugranja reopened in 2023 and is slowly rebuilding and reimagining the facility to return it to its former glory as a beloved sanctuary and nursery for marine turtles. The Tortugranja is located on the calmer western road of Isla Mujeres that runs between the Bay of Mujeres and the lagoon. This sanctuary is educational and fun for the whole family. My now-adult kids still love it.

Unwind at a Secluded Beach Spot

Use your golf cart to find less crowded beaches for a different experience. Locations like Playa Lancheros or Playa Indios offer a more authentic, relaxed atmosphere compared to the bustling Playa Norte. If you are traveling with a 4-legged pal, be sure to check out Playa Mascotas on the Caribbean side of the island where you can all enjoy the beach!

One of isla mujeres best beaches desserted and with a beautiful flat ocean.

Find Cool Gifts at the Women’s Beading Cooperative

If you want to make a purchase that is 100% Isla Mujeres made, take a trip mid-Island to the Women´s Beading Cooperative. The women at the co-op have been making beautiful handmade beaded jewelry and accessories for years. If you are looking for unique gifts that will help to support the island, this hidden gem is the place to go. Plus, the prices are just incredible.

Womens´ beading cooperative in isla mujeres

Explore the Cemetery

It may seem like a strange thing to do on Isla Mujeres but visiting the local cemeteries gives you a unique glimpse into the island’s history. The oldest cemetery is located in centro Isla Mujeres just at the very north end of Avenida Hidalgo. This is where you can find the tomb of the famous Pirate Mundaca marked with a skull and crossbones, the mark of the pirate. 

The newer, albeit larger, cemetery is located along the east coast road in the neighborhood called La Guadalupana. Here you will find many colorful and well-maintained graves, all built above ground. It’s an interesting place to check out on your island tour.

Check out Some Cool Watering Holes

The amazing beach clubs on Isla Mujeres may get all the attention but there are some great hole-in-the-wall places that you can easily check out by golf cart. The Soggy Peso, The Ice Bar, El Borracho Burro, The Joint, Skulls Landing, La Palapa del Capitan, Villa la Bella, and Neal’s Irish Pub are some that we recommend. ***Don’t forget, if you plan on doing a golf cart tour of the island’s beach bars and want to enjoy some cold cervezas or cocktails, make sure your driver stays sober so you all get home safe!

Isla mujeres ice bar

Each of these sites and activities offers a unique way to experience Isla Mujeres, from its places of natural beauty and cultural sites to its exciting activities and peaceful retreats. A golf cart makes it easy and fun to navigate this popular tourist destination at your own pace, visiting both well-known attractions and discovering hidden corners.

Recap: Why Rent a Golf Cart on Isla Mujeres?

Renting a golf cart on Isla Mujeres not only enhances the convenience and enjoyment of your visit but also allows you to experience the island’s unique culture and beauty in a fun and memorable way. These are just a few of the reasons we recommend golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres.

Fun Experience: Driving a golf cart adds a fun and unique element to your vacation experience, forcing you to travel at a slower pace and truly appreciate your surroundings. Open-air golf carts offer unobstructed views of the island’s beautiful landscapes, making for a more immersive experience.

Ease of Exploration: Golf carts provide a convenient way to explore the island’s attractions, beaches, and hidden gems with total freedom to go at your own pace. With a golf cart, you have the flexibility to stop, explore, and move on whenever you wish, without the constraints of public transport schedules.

A man driving a golf cart on one of the lesser travelled streets of isla mujeres.

Ideal for Short Distances: Isla Mujeres is relatively small, making golf carts an ideal mode of transportation for the short distances between attractions.

Accessibility: Many parts of Isla Mujeres are more accessible by golf cart than by car due to the island’s narrow and crowded streets. Due to their compact size, golf carts are easier to park, a significant advantage in busy areas like downtown and near the popular beach clubs.

Cost-Effective: Golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres can be more economical than taking multiple taxi rides, especially if you are staying outside of downtown or plan to travel around the island frequently. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Golf Cart Rentals on Isla Mujeres

Do I need a driver’s license to rent a golf cart on Isla Mujeres?

Reputable rental companies require a valid driver’s license to rent a golf cart.

What is the minimum age for renting a golf cart?

Typically, the minimum age requirement to rent a golf cart on Isla Mujeres is 18 years although some rental companies require the driver to be 25+. 

Can I reserve a golf cart in advance, and is it recommended?

Yes, you can reserve a golf cart online or over the phone. Reserving your golf cart in advance is recommended, especially during high season when carts are in high demand.

How much does it cost to rent a golf cart?

Prices vary depending on the season, type of golf cart, and rental duration, but daily rentals generally range from around 450 to 1,700 MXN (Mexican pesos). Most golf cart rental companies accept payment by credit card.

Are there different types of golf carts available for rent?

Yes, you can choose from a standard 4 person golf cart or large golf carts (up to 6 people), with some variations in features.

Are the rental golf carts gas or electric?

All of the golf cart rentals on Isla Mujeres are gas powered. Gas is usually included in the rate. If you need to fill up your cart, there are several gas stations on the island.

Is insurance included in the rental, or do I need to get it separately?

Most companies include basic insurance in the rental price, but it’s important to confirm this and understand what’s covered by the specific Isla Mujeres golf cart rental company.

Can the golf cart be delivered to my hotel, vacation rental or the ferry terminal?

Some companies offer delivery and pick-up services, but policies vary. It’s best to check with the specific rental company.

What are the rules for driving a golf cart on Isla Mujeres?

Standard driving rules apply, including adhering to speed limits, and traffic signs. Never operate a golf cart under the influence of alcohol.

Can I drive the golf cart anywhere on the island?

While golf carts are a popular mode of transportation on the island, some areas may be restricted or less accessible. Carts are not allowed on Avenida Hidalgo, the malecon or the beaches. 

What should I do if the golf cart breaks down or if I have an issue during the rental?

Contact the rental company immediately for assistance. Most companies provide support for breakdowns or other issues during the rental period. Make sure you have a way to contact the company before departing with your cart.

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