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What is Coming2Mexico?

We created Coming2Mexico to pass on some of the knowledge we have accumulated in nearly 70 years of living, working and growing up in Mexico. It has also become a fantastic excuse to take the 4 of us to different, new and exciting locations, to give us new material to write about. This becomes harder as the ‘kids’ grow and are more involved in college and work, but its the perfect excuse for Michele to gather the ducklings and find new excursions, While i just hang on and enjoy the ride.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to document the travels we have experienced already in Mexico, as well as the new excursions that are constantly arranged, but we think there is valuable information that people will appreciate, so we will keep at it.

If you have any quetions, comments, or complaints, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Featured Articles

Travesía Sagrada Maya: The Sacred Mayan Journey

The Travesía Sagrada Maya, an evocative revival of one of the most significant rituals of the ancient Maya, takes place …
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What is El Día del Niño – Children’s Day in Mexico?

El Día del Niño, held annually on April 30, is a cherished event in Mexico, devoted entirely to celebrating the nation’s children. 
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What Not to Do in Cozumel: 21 Ways to Stay Safe & Have Fun

Is Cozumel safe? It absolutely is if you use good common sense, do your homework and know what not to do in Cozumel.
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Michele and jim on a beach in isla mujeres
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Whether you are planning your first or your fiftieth trip to Mexico there is always some new to learn, something new to see, some great new restaurant to try or another cenote to discover!

Coming 2 Mexico is the culmination of our collective experiences as expats in Mexico and our travels through the country we all now call home.

It is our goal to help you have the very best Mexico travel experience. We hope to show you the very best destinations, the best places to stay, fun things to do, where to find the best local cuisine and much more.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out.

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