Mexican Food Festivals Worth Traveling For

By Michele Samal Kinnon


The Best Mexican Food Festivals – Celebrating the Best Food, Wine and Artisanal Beer in Mexico

Are you planning a trip to Mexico? Are you a foodie? Why not plan your travels to coincide with one of the epic Mexican food festivals celebrating the unique culinary landscape of this diverse country. 

All of these Mexican festivals offer delicious food showcasing the richness of the Mexican culture. 

Some are very traditional celebrations like the Festival de la Piña, Feria de la Nieve and Noche de las Rabanas. Others are chic, contemporary gastronomic events featuring haute cuisine and wine from Mexico’s award-winning chefs and wineries, Mexico has a festival for everyone!

With so many culinary and cultural events to choose from, how do you decide which Mexican food festival to attend? This list of the top Mexican food festivals will help you organize your gastronomic journey no matter what time of year you are traveling to Mexico. 

Areal view of the stalls set up by the ocean at the festival de las conchas y el vino nuevo in ensenada

This list is by no means comprehensive. There are hundreds if not thousands of food festivals in Mexico presented every year. It would be impossible to list them all and many of them may not be worth traveling for.

I happen to love Mexican food, wine and craft beer. So, this is MY personally curated list. Some of these festivals I have already attended. Many more are still on my gastronomic festival bucket list!

I hope you find this list helpful as you pinpoint the best places to travel to experience the best food festivals in Mexico.

12 Months of Travel-Worthy Food Festivals in Mexico


Roscatitlán – Roma CDMX

Where can you find the best Rosca de Reyes in Mexico City? Why at the Roscatitlán of course! Celebrated every year in the days around Dia de Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day), this culinary expo featuring Rosca de Reyes, tamales and atole 40+ artisanal bakeries and tamalerías will present their very best roscas and tamales to enthusiasts who come from across the city and beyond.

The traditional christmas bread - rosca del reyes, being cut.

In addition to the tastings, the festival also offers live music, concerts, children’s shows, talks and conferences, as well as art, handcrafts and textiles made by Mexican producers, artists and artisans. Children can even have their picture taken with the Three Kings.


Festival Internacional del Ceviche y Aguachile – Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Held twice annually, at the beginning of February and again at the end of July in Puerto Vallarta, this international festival showcases the fresh seafood of this coastal region and vibrant flavors of ceviche and spicy aguachile, featuring various recipes and styles of presentation. The Festival Internacional del Ceviche y Aguachile features tastings from local restaurants and contests with an international panel of judges who award participating chefs prizes in several categories.

A fresh dish of ceviche at the festival internacional del ceviche y aguachile, in puerto vallerta

The festival has participation from over 50 local restaurants and craft beer companies. Mixologists will be on hand presenting signature cocktails. There is also live music and other entertainment. Access to the event is free of charge. Food and beverage exhibitors will each charge for their offerings. The winter edition will be held on February 28 in Parque Hidalgo. The date for July 2024 is still pending.

Festival de la Alegría y el Olivo – Xochimilco CDMX

The Festival de la Alegría y el Olivo is celebrated each year in February in the town of Santiago Tulyehualco in Xochimilco. This festival showcases pre-Hispanic culinary traditions and honors the importance of the ancient grain Amaranth and the olive, two products that have historically been important agricultural resources of this region. The Alegria (amaranth candy) & Olive Festival features an array of traditional sweets, beverages and olive-based products as well as artistic, cultural and recreational activities for the whole family.

Festival Tradicional del Ceviche – Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

Held every year in February in the village of Puerto Morelos, the Festival Tradicional del Ceviche celebrates the town’s important relationship with the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

Puerto morelos ceviche festival
Mexican Food Festivals Worth Traveling For 2

Local restaurants present their freshest ceviches and aguachiles for seafood-loving crowds who come from all over the Riviera Maya to sample dishes featuring native fish species as well as exotic imports from the Pacific. 2024 marked the 11th edition of the Puerto Morelos Ceviche Festival of this small festival and we were there to see and taste it all. You can read our review of the festival and see all of our photos here. 2024 Puerto Morelos Ceviche Festival.

100 Vinos Mexicanos – Ezequiel Montes, Queretaro

Hosted every two years by Viñedos La Redonda in Queretaro the 100 Vinos Mexicanos festival celebrates the quality and the diversity of Mexican wine.

The 100 vinos mexicanos sign at la redonda vineyard in queretero

The best wine producers from all over Mexico gather at this biennial event to show off their vintages to experts in the wine industry, chefs, sommeliers and other wine enthusiasts. Over 750 different wines will be available to taste. Gastronomy also plays a key role in this festival with renowned chefs and restaurateurs coming to offer a variety of tasting plates to accompany the featured wines. The 14th edition of this festival will be held in February 2024.

Festival Gastronómico del Caribe Mexicano – location varies, Quintana Roo

The Festival Gastronomico del Caribe Mexicano presents visitors with the best culinary creations, representing the 12 tourist destinations that comprise the Mexican Caribbean. For the 2024 festival, the highlights will be the “Tianguis del Mayab” with producers offering a variety of organic produce, honey, cheese, artisanal products, herbs and other edible plants.

Food being served at the sabor a cabo food festival in cabo.

In the “Hecho en Quintana Roo” Pavilion, festival goers will find exhibitors selling food and beverages featuring ingredients native to the state, such as honey, coconut and cacao. There will also be artisans with a variety of handicrafts and textiles plus live music and dance performances. We recently attended the third edition of this exciting culinary event which was held in the Parque Fundadores of Puerto Morelos on February 24 & 25. You can read our full review and see all of our photos here. 3ro Festival Gastronomico del Caribe in Puerto Morelos.


Cervefest – Xoximilco, CDMX

Cervefest, the Feria Internacional de Cerveza, is one of the biggest beer festivals in Mexico. Held annually over 3 days in March, Cervefest is a family-friendly event that offers attendees the opportunity to taste the very best beer from Mexico as well as brews from invited international guests.

A tasting platter of 4 different beers at cervefest in mexico city.

The beautiful landscape of Xochimilco provides the perfect setting for this open-air event. There are also interesting conferences, tastings and pairings, delicious food, musical groups, and fun activities for all ages. This event is also pet-friendly. Dates for Cervefest 2024 have not yet been announced.


Feria de la Nieve – Xoximilco, CDMX

The Feria de la Nieve is a traditional gastronomic celebration that has been held for 136 years in the community of Santiago Tulyehualco in Xoximilco. Hosted every year in the beginning of April, this festival features a delightful array of ice cream flavors. You can try everything from strawberry, lemon and mamay to avocado, seafood and even rattlesnake!

Two ice cream cones with wafers at the feria de la nieve in xoximilco

Festival goers can watch the frozen treats being made on-site using traditional methods. It’s a wonderful tribute to the region’s historical practice of making ice cream. The festival also offers musical presentations, activities for children, traditional dances and stalls selling handcrafts. In 2023, the event was held April 1-10. Dates for 2024 are to be determined.

Festival de las Conchas y el Vino Nuevo – Ensenada, Baja California

This seaside festival held each year in Ensenada brings together three of the most prominent sectors in the region: winegrowing, aquaculture and gastronomy.

A platter of fresh oysters at the festival de las conchas y el vino nuevo in ensenada

During this highly anticipated multi-day event, winegrowers, shellfish producers, fishermen, renowned chefs and restaurateurs pay tribute to local ingredients, promote sustainable fishing and present recently launched wines from the region. Over 150 new wines from over 80 regional wine producers will be available for tasting along with shellfish-based dishes exceptionally prepared by top chefs and leading restaurants.


Feria del Mole Poblano – Puebla City, Puebla

The Feria del Mole Poblano promotes the history and significance of mole, a dish that has enriched Puebla’s cuisine since the colonial era. Presented since 1991, this month-long celebration includes gastronomic exhibitions,  cooking demonstrations and workshops. This traditional festival offers attendees a chance to savor a wide variety of mole recipes and culminates in a culinary competition to crown the Rey de Mole (King of Mole) amongst the participating chefs and cooks.

A platter of chicken mole surrounded by some of the ingredients at the feria del mole poblano in puebla

There are also children’s games, artistic events, music and dance performances and guided tours to local points of interest. This festival is organized on Sundays, mid-June through mid-July in various towns surrounding the city of Puebla.

Festival de la Piña – Loma Bonita, Oaxaca

Every year the municipality of Loma Bonita, Oaxaca, close to the border of Veracruz, celebrates its Pineapple Festival. This traditional Mexican festival highlights the diversity of Oaxaca’s agricultural produce, showcasing pineapples that are farmed in this region.

People waiting for fresh pineapple at the festival de pina in oaxaca.

The Festival de la Piña features vendors presenting pineapple in a variety of culinary applications. There will also be an agricultural fair, concerts with popular Mexican music, traditional dances, rodeos and other sports. The exact dates for the 2024 Festival de la Piña are pending.

Expo Cerveza México – Guadalajara, Jalisco

Hosted in Guadalajara, the Expo Cerveza celebrates the diversity of Mexican craft beer with tastings, food pairings, and live music.

Expo Cerveza promotes the culture of craft and specialty beers among an audience passionate about discovering and tasting the best artisanal beers.

Three half empty glasses of beer at the expo cerveza in mexico city

This event grows more and more popular every year and is expected to feature over 100 of the country’s best beer producers. The Expo Cerveza Mexico 2024 will be held May 24 – 26 in the Expo Center in Guadalajara.

Feria Nacional del Queso y El Vino – Tequisquiapan, Queretaro

Tequisquiapan, Queretaro, hosts this renowned wine festival every year in May and June, offering a taste of Mexico’s finest artisanal cheeses and wines.

Wine being sampled at the feria nacional del queso y el vino in tequisquiapan

In addition to vendors pouring the very best Mexican wine, you will find food stalls offering artisanal cheeses, sweets and other local food.

People sampling cheese at a stall in the feria nacional del queso y el vino in tequisquiapan

There is live music and other entertainment throughout the day with concerts and parties in the evening.

A crowd listening to a live band at the national cheese and wine festival in tequisquiapan

The Feria Nacional del Queso y El Vino attracts wine and cheese enthusiasts from all over Mexico and spans several weekends at the end of May and the beginning of June. Dates for the 2024 edition of this fair are still to be determined.

Feria del Maíz y la Tortilla – Santiago Tepalcatlalpan, CDMX

Taking place in Santiago Tepalcatlalpan, this traditional fair, usually held in May-June, celebrates corn’s pivotal role in Mexican cuisine with a wide variety of dishes and corn-based products.

Cooked corn on the cob being served at the feria del maíz y la tortilla.

Along with elotes (street corn) and tortillas, visitors sample foods like tlacoyos (masa cakes stuffed with beans and other ingredients) ponteduros, (candy made with honey and cornmeal) and esquites (corn kernels boiled and mixed with mayonnaise, lime and chili sauce). The exact 2024 dates are not yet confirmed.

Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week 

This food festival in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit takes place for three weeks from May into June. During Puerto Vallarta Restaurant Week, participating restaurants offer innovative three-course menus, with options available for each course.

A plate of seared tuna at a food festival in mexico.

Menus during the festival are often offered at a considerable discount to allow everyone to explore the destination’s outstanding cuisine. Restaurant Week is eagerly anticipated by locals and gourmet foodies from around the world, who plan their trip to Puerto Vallarta specifically for this delicious festival. This exciting festival stretches over three weeks in May and June. The dates for 2024 are set for May 15 – June 10.


Wine & Food Festival – CDMX

Wine & Food Festival in Mexico City If you happen to be in Mexico City at the end of June, you may want to see if you can book seats at one of the ultra-exclusive dining and wine pairing experiences offered at the Wine & Food Festival.

Food being plated up in a busy kitchen at a wine and food festival in mexico city

The events are held in some of the city’s most prestigious venues such as the Four Seasons Hotel and the St. Regis. Held over 4 days, this annual festival attracts the very best chefs, winemakers, spirit producers and mixologists from all over the country to interact with food and wine enthusiasts. Dates and locations for the 2024 event have yet to be released.


Festival Internacional del Ceviche y Aguachile – Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Held twice annually, at the beginning of February and again at the end of July in Puerto Vallarta, this international festival showcases the fresh seafood of this coastal region and vibrant flavors of ceviche and spicy aguachile, featuring various recipes and styles of presentation. The Festival Internacional del Ceviche y Aguachile features tastings from local restaurants and contests with an international panel of judges who award participating chefs prizes in several categories.

Caribbean cerviche with shrimp

The festival has participation from over 50 local restaurants and craft beer companies. Mixologists will be on hand presenting signature cocktails. There is also live music and other entertainment. Access to the event is free of charge. Food and beverage exhibitors will each charge for their offerings. Dates for 2024 are pending.


Feria de la Manzana – Zacatlan, Puebla

A traditional festival held every August in Zacatlán, Puebla, the Feria de la Manzana honors the Virgin of the Assumption, patron saint of fruit growers and celebrates the harvest and diversity of the town’s apple crop—from the tart, green-striped rayada, to sweet, golden peruana varieties. Attendees can savor treats like manzana hojaldra, a flaky apple tart and buy locally made wines, ciders, sweets, cheese, bread and handcrafts from the region.

Feria de la manzana traditional food festival in mexico

There are fun activities for the whole family, fireworks displays and concerts with national recognized musical artists. The fair takes place over a week in various locations throughout the city and culminates in a parade of floats from which hundreds of apples are thrown to the crowd.

Festival Internacional del Chile en Nogada – San Nicolas de los Ranchos, Puebla

Celebrated in Puebla, the birthplace of Chiles en Nogada, this traditional festival is held every year in August. The iconic Mexican dish, Chile en Nogada, features important crops from the region including panochera apples, lechera pears, criollo peaches, chiles poblano, walnuts, and pomegranates, among others. Chiles en Nogada are the star of the show in this month-long festival with events happening each weekend in the municipality of San Nicolas de los Ranchos.

Chile en nogada covered in pomegranate seeds at the festival internacional del chile en nogada in puebla

The Festival del Chile en Nogada features Chefs and local cooks presenting their very best renditions of Chile en Nogada. There will be cultural and artistic events such as traditional dances, performances from the Puebla Symphonic Orchestra, popular music concerts and stalls offering regional food items, handcrafts and even nogada ice cream. 


Feria de la Enchilada – Iztapalapa, CDMX

The Feria de la Enchilada held annually in September, is dedicated to…what else….enchiladas! The participating vendors offer enchiladas with a wide range of fillings. Sauces range from the classic green, red or mole, to more ‘exotic’ flavors. Exhibitors come from Mexico City as well as many other parts of the country showcasing the regional variations from other states.

There is no cost to enter the event but each vendor will charge for their tasting plates. Visitors can also enjoy other cultural and artistic activities scheduled throughout the 10-day community event. Dates for 2024 are still to be announced.

Festival del Vino Mexicano – Guadalajara, Jalisco

Letelebrate Mexican Wine! Come and discover the wide variety and quality of national wine and cuisine. At the Festival del Vino Mexicano, you can get to know more than 80 Mexican wine cellars, enjoy guided tastings, as well as sampling at each cellar presented by the producers and winemakers themselves, live music and entertainment, and a delicious variety of culinary offerings from the best restaurants in Guadalajara. The date for #FEVINO 2024 has not yet been released.

Red wine being shared at the festival gourmet internacional in guadalajara


Valle Food and Wine Festival – Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California

Launched in 2017 by a group of Mexican wine enthusiasts, Nancy Silverton and Carolynn Carreño, the Valle de Guadalupe Food and Wine Festival features the best winemakers, showcases the culinary talents of the top chefs from Baja and the United States and supports the local community. This is an exclusive 2-day event with accommodates just 2500 guests, with 25 chefs and 20 winemakers featured each day.

A table full of wines and food at the valle food and wine festival in valle de guadalupe

The festival has attracted celebrity chefs such as Rick Bayless and Aaron Sanchez among others. The Valle Food and Wine Festival is one of the most highly anticipated Mexican food festivals in the country so be sure to get your tickets well in advance. Dates for 2024 are still pending. 

Feria Nacional de Mole – San Pedro Actopan, CDMX

The Feria Nacional de Mole has been held every year in the town of San Pedro Actopan for almost half a century. The event celebrates the importance of mole in this community which produces 28,000 and 30,000 tons of mole per year. Festival attendees can enjoy this traditional dish in a variety of styles, ranging from the classic ´almendrado´  to innovative versions with non-traditional ingredients.

Unlike industrial moles, San Pedro Atocpan mole is still made traditionally in family homes, preserving classic recipes that date back to New Spain. The Feria Nacional de Mole takes place during the first couple of weeks of October The dates for 2024 have not yet been released.

Food in Film Festival – San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

The Food In Film Festival cleverly juxtaposes culinary and cinematic expression by screening food-related films alongside catered events sponsored by top local chefs and restaurants. During this 3-day festival, 6 films will be presented, each “paired” with food and drink tastings provided by local chefs, restaurants, winemakers and breweries. Festival attendees may also attend lectures by authors, filmmakers and experts in the food industry. Dates for the 2024 event are still TBA.

Festival de la Cerveza – Guadalajara, Jalisco

The Festival de la Cerveza is one of the largest beer festivals in Mexico attracting the best artisan beer producers from all across Mexico and around the world to celebrate the art of craft beer making. This is a family-friendly open-air event held at the Akron Stadium in Guadalajara. Held over three days, the event hosts upwards of 50 beer producers and over 20,000 beer enthusiasts! In addition to the regular exhibition, there will be special beer-tasting events and dinners pairing the top artisanal beers with signature dishes from the region’s top Chefs and restaurants. Festival dates for 2024 are still pending.

Expo Cerveza México – CDMX

Hosted in annually in Mexico City, the Expo Cerveza celebrates the diversity of Mexican craft beer with tastings, food pairings, and live music. Expo Cerveza promotes the culture of craft and specialty beers among an audience passionate about discovering and tasting the best artisanal beers.

Five bottles of craft beer at the expo cerveza in mexico city

This event grows more and more popular every year and is expected to feature over 100 of the country’s best beer producers. The 2024 event will be held in the World Trade Center in CDMX. The dates for 2024 have yet to be announced.


Festival del Camarón – San Felipe, Baja California

Held in November in San Felipe, Baja California, the Festival del Camerón is a seafood lover’s paradise, focusing on fresh, locally caught shrimp. Top Chefs participate in a gastronomic contest, preparing their best dishes with shrimp as the star ingredient.

Cooked whole shrimp on a baking tray at the festival del cameron.

During the event, attendees will also enjoy cooking demonstrations, tastings, live music, dance performances, rides, as well as the sale of regional crafts. The Festival del Camerón is held annually during the first week of November. The 2024 festival dates are yet to be released.

Baja Culinary Fest – Tijuana, Baja California

The Baja Culinary Fest is held annually at the beginning of November and attracts foodies and wine lovers from all over Mexico and the United States. The day-long festival showcases over 30 restaurants from Tijuana and throughout Baja California with tastings, live chef demonstrations, a grilling zone, concerts and more.

Many bottles of wine being displayed ready for tasting at the wine and cheese festival in tequisquiapan.

The region’s winemaking is also in the spotlight with tastings from some of the best wineries in the state in the Wine Pavillion. Each year, the Baja Culinary Fest features the food and culinary traditions of a guest state which was Guanajuato in 2023. Dates and details for Baja Culinary Fest 2024 have yet to be announced.

Sabores de Yucatan – Merida, Yucatan

One of the most anticipated Mexican food festivals, the Sabores de Yucatan Festival invites award-winning chefs from Merida, Mexico and across the globe to the White City to showcase their cuisine. Yucatecan gastronomy is the star of the show but the event also attracts award-winning international top Chefs such as Ferran and Albert Adrià, Jordi Roca and David Muñoz to name just a few.

A table of tacos ready to be sampled at the sabores de yucatan in merida.

As part of the festival program, workshops and tastings will be offered as well as special dinners, restaurant “take-overs” and more. Gastronomic tours are available and visits to some of the iconic restaurants and cantinas of Mérida. Other unique experiences are the free tours of the markets of Merida where festival goers can learn about the typical ingredients and dishes of the Yucatan. 2024 festival dates and locations to be announced.

Cancun-Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival – Cancun 

The Cancun – Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival takes place annually in Cancun in November, attracting wine enthusiasts and foodies alike. It’s a celebration of fine wines and gourmet cuisine, featuring renowned chefs and sommeliers.

People visiting booths at the cancun-riviera maya food festival in cancun

Unfortunately, the organizers canceled the 2023 event at the last minute due to a conflict with the venue. The 2024 festival dates and venue are still to be determined.

Festival Gourmet Internacional – Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Over 10 days in November, the Festival Gourmet Internacional brings together 32 restaurants, 75 chefs and 20 wineries to host 13 culinary events for 25,000+ gourmet enthusiasts who flock to this annual event.

A plate of food and glasses of wine on a table by the ocean at the festival gourmet internacional in puerto vallarta

Organized in various venues in Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and Tepic, this epic gastronomic festival celebrates the culinary expertise of local chefs and highlights the beauty of the region. Festival dates for 2024 are still pending.

Food & Wine Festival – Polanco, CDMX

Mexico City hosts this exquisite 2-day event annually in November at the Campo Marti. Food & Wine Festival. Festival attendees will savor the cuisine of more than 40 chefs and restaurants from Mexico City and across the country, taste over 200 labels of wine, cheese, and caviar, and enjoy live music and other entertainment.

People sat sampling wine and food in front of the freixenet booth at one of the mexican food and wine festivals

The VIP level elevates your festival experience with Master Classes on gastronomy and the opportunity to enjoy menus prepared by the best chefs from Mexico and the United States. This is an exclusive event that is highly anticipated by foodies from all over the country and one for your Mexico food festival bucket list.

Festival del Chocolate – Villahermosa, Tabasco

Hosted every November in Tabasco, a state known for its cacao production, the Festival del Chocolate indulges chocolate enthusiasts with tastings, workshops, and exhibitions, honoring the region’s cacao heritage.

A lady holding a cup of hot chocolate with some cocoa pods and beans at the festival de chocolate in villahermoso

This is a very well-organized event that brings together the very best chocolatiers, pastry chefs, chefs, journalists, cacao farmers, scientists, sommeliers, baristas, as well as chocolate lovers from all over Mexico and around the world. This world-renowned event even offers an ICCT certification program (Levels 1, 2 and 3) in which participants can become certified as internationally recognized fine chocolate and cocoa tasters. If you are a chocolate lover, this festival should be on your bucket list. 


Sabor a Cabo 

Every December, Los Cabos in Baja California Sur transform into a culinary hotspot with Sabor a Cabo. Local restaurants and chefs display their culinary prowess, offering an array of gourmet dishes and local specialties.

People mingling and sampling food in the evening at the sabor a cabo culinary festival

Attendees at this popular culinary fest can expect to try great food from the area’s best restaurants and enjoy live entertainment from some of Mexico’s top performers. A portion of proceeds from this  The 2024 dates for this gastronomic celebration are yet to be announced.

Expo Vainilla – Papantla, Veracruz

Each December, Papantla, Veracruz, known for its vanilla production, presents the Expo Vainilla. Food stalls overflow with fragrant vanilla pods and bottles of extract, vanilla-flavored ice cream, pastries, and xanat, a regional vanilla liqueur.

Opened vanilla pods displayed at the feria de vainilla in papantla, veracruz

A highlight of the festival is the Dance of the Voladores, an ancient ceremony in which acrobats suspend themselves from a 100-foot pole and twirl midair to music. The event is held annually in December to coincide with the harvesting of the pods. The Vanilla Festival dates for 2024 will be Saturday, December 7 through Sunday, December 15.

Noche de las Rábanos (Night of the Radishes) 

Noche de las Rábanos or Night of the Radishes is a traditional Mexican festival and contest held every year on December 23rd in the zocalo (main square) of Oaxaca City. This unique event features local artists painstakingly carving radishes into intricate figures and elaborate scenes.

A man competing a scene with seven people in front of a pillared building entirely carved from radishes. The noche de las rábanos festival in oaxaca city.

Festival goers can watch the radish carving onsite throughout the day. Prizes are awarded in the evening in a variety of categories. The festival also features local vendors selling traditional Oaxacan fare, elaborate light shows, fireworks and concerts held throughout the city.

As you can see, there is so much more to Mexico than tacos and tamales! The diversity of traditional and modern Mexican cuisine is immense. The only trouble you might have is deciding which of these amazing Mexican food festivals to attend first!

If you have been to any of these Mexican food festivals, please let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear about your personal experiences!

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Despite the strong reservations of family and friends, in 2004 I moved from the United States to Mexico with my young family. Since then, I have made the Riviera Maya my home. I have raised two remarkable children here. I have celebrated amazing successes, made countless mistakes, and in the process, fallen in love with this beautiful country.