The BEST Beach Clubs in Cozumel

By Michele Samal Kinnon

Our Guide to the Best Beach Clubs in Cozumel if You Don’t Want to Go All-Inclusive

Spending the day at a beach club in Cozumel is one of the best things to do when visiting the Mexican Caribbean. The island boasts some of the most gorgeous beaches in the entire Caribbean. Whether you are coming to Cozumel on a cruise ship, taking a day trip from Playa del Carmen or spending a few days on the island, one of these beach clubs is sure to be the one for you. There truly is something for every kind of beach lover….even beach lovers who prefer pools!

To AI, or not to AI…..

Why might you NOT want to choose an all-inclusive beach club experience? This decision very often comes down to cost vs value. The all-inclusive beach clubs in Cozumel charge a rate that includes your food, beverages, alcoholic drinks and activities. If you are not a drinker or are not interested in most of the activities offered, you may not get enough value from the all-inclusive experience to justify the Ai price tag.

A couple raising margaritas in beach chairs in front of the ocean.

Beach clubs in Cozumel that require the purchase of all-inclusive packages or charge a high minimum consumption may not be the best choice for those who just want to relax on the beach, go for a swim in the ocean and have some snacks throughout the day. What if you want to check out more than one beach club in one day? Or spend just a few hours on the beach and then take a tour? In this case, you may choose NOT to AI.

However, if you are looking for a great all-inclusive beach experience, we have that covered too!

We live in Puerto Aventuras so taking the ferry over from Playa del Carmen makes Cozumel an easy and fun day trip for our family. While we have enjoyed some great all-inclusive beach clubs in Cozumel, most of the time we like the freedom to hop from one place to another and pay-as-you-go. Fortunately, there are lots of great beaches where an all-inclusive package is not required.

Cozumel Beach Clubs – What to Know Before You Go

If you have read any of my other articles about Cozumel, you have heard me say this before…. Cozumel is a little bit stuck in time. In stark contrast to the evolution of the beach clubs in Playa del Carmen, Tulum and even Isla Mujeres, the beach clubs here have not adopted the trendy “boho chic” style that is all the rage these days. 

The majority of the beach clubs in Cozumel, look like they could have been built in the 1970s…and some of them were! If you are looking for an exclusive upscale beach club, your options on the island are limited. Another thing to consider when selecting a Cozumel beach club that is not all-inlcusive is that many of these spots do not have swimming pools. If you have kids who love swimming pools, be sure you confirm that amenity. In the list below, we have noted the beach clubs that have pools and those that do not.

The pool at cozumel palace.

If you are a serious foodie,…don’t expect too much. If you are happy with nachos and fajitas and basic beach club fare, you will be fine at any of these places. The good news is, many of the better dining experiences are found at the Cozumel beach clubs that are not AI. In fact, one of these spots are serving some of the best food on the island. Read more to find out where.  

Sargassum. Unfortunately, this has become an unwelcome yearly visitor to Riviera Maya beaches. In search of beautiful beaches and clear water, many people are abandoning the mainland and ferrying across the channel to Cozumel. And with good reason. For the most part, the beaches and the beach clubs on the east side of Cozumel are spared from the onslaught of the masses of sargassum. 

Read more about Sargassum here.

But…there are no guarantees. Before you buy your ferry tickets, check the online sargassum reports to see which Cozumel beach clubs have seaweed-free beaches.

Also keep in mind, some of the beach clubs in Cozumel may choose to close unexpectedly due to weather conditions or even a lack of bookings from cruise ships in port. Some beach clubs are closed on Sundays. Be sure to reserve in advance and confirm availability before you arrive. 

Our Quick Picks for the Best Beach Clubs in Cozumel

Best Cozumel Beach Club for Couples:

  • Islands Beach Club – Offers a great day on the beach with a wide variety of amenities plus the option of the adult-only VIP section.

Best Cozumel Beach Club for Foodies:

  • Buccanos – Serving up some of the best food on the island, Buccanos is the beach bar for you if good food is a priority. If you can, check out Buccanos at Night!

Best Beach Club in Cozumel for Families:

  • San Francisco Beach Club – Offers a great experience for the whole family with a wide range of activities, fun water activities including an inflatable water park, and a kids’ area.

Best Cozumel Beach Clubs for Cruise Passengers:

  • Paradise Beach – Offers the most comprehensive list of amenities including a large heated pool, water park and excursions meaning there is something for everyone in your travel group. 

Paradise Beach

Found at Km 14.5, in the southern hotel zone, Paradise Beach is a vibrant beach club with a sprawling pool and extensive amenities, perfect for guests seeking both relaxation and entertainment in a lively atmosphere.

A drone shot looking down on paradise beach in cozumel.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Large Heated Pool: One of Cozumel’s largest pools, with a swim-up bar and comfortable lounging areas.
  • Expansive Sandy Beach: Offers plenty of beach loungers and umbrellas for sunbathing and relaxation.
  • Fun Water Activities: Including kayaking, snorkeling, and paddleboarding, with some activities included in the entrance fee.
  • Fun Pass: Access to the inflatable water park, slides, and trampolines for an additional fee.
  • On-site Restaurant and Bars: Serving a variety of international and Mexican cuisine, along with a wide selection of drinks.
  • Clean and Well-Maintained Facilities: Including restrooms, showers, and changing areas.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Available for guests to stay connected.
  • Shopping Area: A boutique selling souvenirs, beachwear, and essentials.
  • Land Activities: Such as a giant chess set and trampoline, adding to the fun.
  • Friendly Staff: Known for their attentive and welcoming service.

All-Inclusive: AI Optional. Paradise Beach offers a fully inclusive plan as well as the option to pay-as-you-go. The à la carte option requires a 10 USD entry fee and a 10 USD minimum consumption per person. It includes access to the main facilities and lounge chairs. The Fun Pass for activities is available for 18 USD.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, with a wide range of activities and amenities to suit all ages.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Guests appreciate Paradise Beach for its extensive amenities, especially the large pool and the variety of activities available. The clean, well-maintained facilities and the option to choose between relaxing and engaging in fun activities make it a hit among both adults and families looking for a day of sun and fun.

Carlos ‘n Charlies

Located in the Southern Hotel Zone at Km 14, Carlos ´n Charlies is a vibrant, energetic beach club known for its lively atmosphere, fun activities, and party vibe, perfect for those looking to mix sunbathing with entertainment.

From the beautiful blue ocean looking at carlos n charlies in cozumel.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Beachfront Location: Direct access to a beautiful sandy beach.
  • Water Sports: Offers activities like jet skiing, banana boat rides and parasailing.
  • Swimming Area: Clear, calm waters ideal for swimming. Fun inflatable water park for kids of all ages.
  • Live Entertainment: Regularly features music and shows to keep the energy high.
  • Beach Games and Contests: Engages guests with fun competitions and activities like beach volleyball.
  • Outdoor Bar and Grill: Serves up a variety of drinks and casual dining options, including Mexican favorites.
  • Loungers and Umbrellas: Plenty of beach loungers for guests to relax and enjoy the view.
  • Shop: On-site store selling fun souvenirs and beach essentials.
  • Vibrant Decor: Bright, colorful setting that enhances the festive mood.
  • Friendly Staff: Known for their engaging and upbeat service, ensuring that everyone is having a great time.
  • Pet Friendly:  Well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome.

All-Inclusive Option: No, Carlos ‘n Charlies operates on a pay-as-you-go basis for food and drinks, focusing on good a la carte options.

Geared Towards: Adults, particularly appealing to younger crowds and groups looking for a fun, party-like atmosphere by the beach. There is no pool at Carlos ‘n Charlies.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors love Carlos ‘n Charlies for its high-energy environment, friendly and interactive staff, and the wide range of activities available. The club’s ability to blend beach relaxation with entertainment and socializing makes it a favorite for those seeking a lively beach day experience in Cozumel.

San Francisco Beach Club

Just off the southern highway at Km 14, San Francisco Beach Club is a family-friendly beach club on Cozumel’s stunning shores, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and water activities in a picturesque setting.

San francisco beach club from above

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Beautiful Sandy Beach: Wide, clean beachfront ideal for sunbathing and beach games.
  • Swimming Pool: Large, inviting pool with swim-up pool bar.
  • Water Sports: Kayaks, paddleboards and activities like jet skiing and parasailing are available for adventure seekers.
  • Beach Loungers and Umbrellas: Ample seating for guests to relax under the sun or shade.
  • Restaurant and Bar: Delicious local and international cuisine and a swing bar serving refreshing beverages.
  • Snorkeling Opportunities: Near coral reefs teeming with marine life, easily accessible from the beach.
  • Volleyball Court: Beach volleyball for some fun and active entertainment.
  • Souvenir Shop: Offering gifts, crafts, and beach essentials.
  • Family-Friendly Amenities: Including a kids’ area, inflatable water park and activities suitable for children.
  • Pet Friendly: Well-behaved dogs on leash welcome.

All-Inclusive: Optional. San Francisco Beach Club operates on a pay-as-you-go basis for food, drinks, and certain activities. There are some All-Inclusive options (limited access). Day Passes with full access to all the facilities are also available.  Some tours offer access to San Francisco Beach Club as a part of the package deal.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, with its wide range of facilities and activities catering to visitors of all ages.

What Guests Love: Visitors appreciate San Francisco Beach Club for its beautiful beach, clear waters, and the variety of activities available, making it an ideal spot for families and couples alike. The welcoming atmosphere, combined with the scenic beauty of Cozumel, ensures a memorable beach day for everyone.

Playa Uvas Beach Club

Playa Uvas Beach Club is located on the coastal highway, about 6 miles (approximately 9.7 kilometers) from downtown Cozumel. Playa Uvas is a serene beach club known for its excellent snorkeling, offering a glimpse into the vibrant marine life of Cozumel’s blue waters.

Playa uvas beach club

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Snorkeling: Guided tours are available, showcasing the rich marine life on the coral reef within Cozumel’s protected marine park.
  • Facilities: Access to lounge chairs, umbrellas, and a full-service restaurant and bar.
  • Swimming Pool: Beautiful swimming pool with swim-up bar.
  • Activities: Besides snorkeling, guests can enjoy kayaking, with all necessary equipment provided. Dune buggy and ATV tours are also offered for an additional cost.
  • Location: Close proximity to the cruise port, making it an easily accessible destination for visitors.
  • Family-Friendly: Welcomes guests of all ages, offering a mix of adventure and relaxation suitable for families and adults alike.

All-Inclusive: Optional. Playa Uvas charges an entry fee of 15 USD per person and operates on a pay-as-you-go basis. The club also offers all-inclusive packages that include unlimited food, open bar, snorkeling, and other amenities.

Suitable for Adults or Families: Playa Uvas is suitable for both adults and families, providing a range of activities and facilities to cater to different preferences.

What guests love: Guests at Playa Uvas Beach Club love the snorkeling experience, highlighting the opportunity to explore the vibrant underwater world as a major attraction. The quality of service is another aspect that stands out, with visitors appreciating the attentive and friendly staff who ensure a pleasant and comfortable stay.

The Money Bar Beach Club

Located on the coastal road south of downtown San Miguel, The Money Bar is a scenic beach club and restaurant known for its excellent snorkeling opportunities directly from the shore, offering a relaxed vibe with stunning sunset views.

A couple snorkeling and looking at the fish around the reef at the money bar.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Prime Snorkeling Spot: The main attraction here is the direct access to vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life on the famous Dzul-ha reef 
  • Beachfront Loungers and Umbrellas: Comfortable seating options for soaking up the sun or enjoying the shade.
  • Waterfront Restaurant and Bar: Serves delicious local and international dishes along with a variety of drinks, featuring spectacular ocean views.
  • Live Music and Entertainment: Regularly scheduled events add to the lively atmosphere in the evenings.
  • Happy Hour Specials: Attracting guests with drink specials and a great social scene.
  • Dive Shop On-site: Offering snorkel and dive gear rentals for exploring the underwater world.
  • Free Entry: No cover charge for access, with a pay-as-you-go system for food and beverages.
  • Sunset Views: Known as one of the best spots on the island to watch the sunset.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Keeping guests connected during their visit.
  • Paved Path for Easy Water Access: Facilitating entry into the water for snorkeling or swimming.

All-Inclusive Option: No, operates on a pay-as-you-go basis for food, drinks, and activities. There is no minimum consumption but it is customary for guests to eat and drink something for use of the facilities.

Geared Towards: Adults and older children who like to snorkel.There is no pool at this beach club at not much to do for small children.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors love The Money Bar for its exceptional snorkeling right off the beach, relaxed atmosphere, and beautiful sunset views. The quality of food and the friendly staff also receive high praise, making it a favorite spot for both locals and tourists seeking a more laid-back beach day.

Buccanos Beach Club

Located in the northern hotel zone, Buccanos is an upscale beach club combining natural beauty with refined elegance, offering snorkeling in crystal-clear waters alongside gourmet dining experiences.

Sushi rolls in front of the pool at buccanos beach club.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Snorkeling Opportunities: Direct access to vibrant coral reefs right off the beach.
  • Gourmet Restaurant: Serves high-quality, fresh seafood and international dishes.
  • Stylish Bar: Offers a selection of premium cocktails and drinks.
  • Contemporary Loungers and Umbrellas: Chic and comfortable beachfront seating.
  • Swimming Pool: A clean, inviting pool for guests preferring fresh water.
  • Pristine Beach Area: Well-maintained sandy beach for relaxation and sunbathing.
  • Art Installations and Natural Beauty: The club features artistic decor and is surrounded by Cozumel’s natural landscapes.
  • Weekend Live Music: Enhances the ambiance with performances on select days.
  • Water Sports Rentals: Including paddleboards and snorkeling gear.

All-Inclusive: No, Buccanos has an entry fee of 400 MXN per person which goes towards your consumption of food and drink.

Geared Towards: Adults and families looking for a more refined beach day experience, with a strong emphasis on adults due to the upscale dining and serene environment.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors appreciate Buccanos Beach Club for its exceptional snorkeling right off the beach, the quality of the gourmet food, and the tranquil, upscale atmosphere. The attentive service and beautiful setting make it a favorite for those seeking a more sophisticated beach experience in Cozumel.

Islands Beach Club 

Located in the North Hotel Zone, near the Westin, Islands Beach Club offers a vibrant beach experience with a range of activities, an infinity pool, and delicious dining options, set against the backdrop of Cozumel’s stunning seascapes.

Island beach club

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Exclusive Beach Access: A pristine beach setting with white sands, palm trees and clear blue water.
  • Infinity Pool: A large, refreshing infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean Sea.
  • Adventure Activities: Options include paddleboarding, wave runners, snorkeling, ziplining, electric bikes, and an invisible boat tour. (extra cost)
  • Dining Options: A restaurant offering delicious dishes featuring local seafood, Mexican specials, and a variety of snacks and entrees.
  • Spa Services: Including fish spa treatments and beach massages.
  • VIP Experience: An exclusive adults-only area for a more private and luxurious beach day.
  • Accessibility Features: Including wheelchair ramps for easy access to the restaurant and beach areas.
  • Tequila Tasting: Guests can enjoy a complimentary tequila tasting session, learning about Mexico’s favorite beverage.

All-Inclusive Option: No. The beach club charges an entry fee (23 USD) which provides access to the facilities. Food and beverages, activities and services like spa treatments and adventure activities are available at an additional cost.

Suitable for Adults or Families: Islands Beach Club caters to both adults and families, offering a wide range of activities and amenities that appeal to all ages, with specific areas like the VIP experience being adults-only.

What Guests Love: Visitors to Islands Beach Club rave about the diverse range of activities available, ensuring there’s something for everyone, whether it’s relaxing by the infinity pool, indulging in spa treatments, or seeking adventure through snorkeling and other water sports. The restaurant offers a variety of delicious options that cater to different tastes. The exclusive VIP area is a hit among adults seeking a quieter, more luxurious beach day experience. 

Playa Palancar Beach Club

Found on the island’s southern tip, inside the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park, Playa Palancar Beach Club is a tranquil paradise known for its stunning, clear waters and pristine sandy shores, perfect for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts.

Looking from the ocean over the beach at playa palancar.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Exceptional Snorkeling and Diving: Access to Palancar Reef, one of the world’s most famous dive sites.
  • Pristine Sandy Beach: The beach club is situated on one of the island’s most beautiful white-sand beaches, making it ideal for sunbathing and relaxation.
  • Watersports and Rentals: Explore the coastline at your own pace on kayaks, paddleboards, jet skis and fun banana boat rides
  • Beachside Restaurant: Offers local cuisine with fresh seafood options.
  • Shaded Areas: Palapas and trees provide comfortable shade. Bali Beach beds are available at an extra cost.
  • Snorkel Gear Rental: Equipment available for exploring the underwater world.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Calm waters and wide beach areas are perfect for families.
  • Natural Beauty: Unspoiled views and less crowded than other beach clubs.

All-Inclusive Option: No, Palancar Beach charges 20 USD per person which includes access to beach chairs, fresh water showers, bathrooms and changing rooms. The club operates on a pay-as-you-go system for food, drinks, activities and rentals.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, offering a peaceful beach day with activities that appeal to all ages. There is no pool at Palancar Beach Club.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors enjoy Palancar Beach for its breathtaking natural beauty, excellent snorkeling and diving right off the beach, and the relaxed, uncrowded environment. The pristine conditions and family-friendly atmosphere make it a preferred choice for those seeking a serene escape into nature.

The Cabana Beach

Located just next to Chankanaab Park, Cabana Beach Club offers a luxurious beach experience with private cabanas, world-class snorkeling, fantastic food and personalized service. The club offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure, enabling guests to unwind in comfort or engage in exciting activities like snorkeling and park exploration.

A hammock strung between two palm trees on the beach at cabana beach.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Private Cabanas: Basic Cabanas accommodate 6 people and are equipped with amenities like hammocks and ceiling fans, loungers, wifi, electrical plugs, towels and snorkel gear. VIP cabanas are equipped for 8 people. Families are welcome.
  • World-Class Snorkeling: Steps away from the cabana, with snorkel gear included, showcasing the vibrant marine life of Chankanaab Reef.
  • Personal Concierge Service: Attentive staff providing food, drinks, and activity arrangements for a tailored beach experience.
  • Massage Services: Available on the beach, offering relaxation with stunning Caribbean views.
  • Access to Chankanaab Park: Entry is included with the cabana rental, allowing exploration of the park’s attractions.
  • Delicious Dining Options: Everything from ceviche to burgers to Thai salads is offered on this thoughtful menu that is vegetarian-friendly.

All-Inclusive: No. The club charges 125 USD for a basic cabana rental. Each guest pays a 19 USD entry fee that includes cabana rental, park entry and concierge service. Food and beverages are a la carte.

Best For: With its luxurious setting and a limit on guest numbers for privacy, Cabana Beach is ideal for adults seeking a more exclusive beach club experience. There is no swimming pool at this beach club.

What Guests Love: Guests at Cabana Beach Club in Cozumel rave about the luxurious privacy offered by the exclusive private cabanas set in a serene environment away from crowds, ensuring a tranquil experience. The attentive personal service provided by the staff is highly praised, as they go above and beyond to ensure a memorable visit for every guest. Cabana Beach Club is celebrated for its unique combination of luxury, privacy, and natural beauty, making it a memorable beach experience for its guests.

Playa Azul Beach Club

Located in the northern hotel zone of Cozumel, next to Hotel Playa Azul, this is a cozy, inviting beach club known for its clear waters, excellent snorkeling, and friendly atmosphere, nestled in Cozumel’s tranquil northern shore.

Playa azul beach club's palapa bar next to the ocean.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Clear Water Beachfront: Ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Snorkeling Opportunities: Coral formations close to shore teeming with marine life.
  • Golf Course Access: Unique feature for guests interested in golf.
  • Beachside Restaurant and Bar: Serving delicious local and international cuisine.
  • Complimentary Lounge Chairs and Umbrellas: Available for guests to relax comfortably.
  • Kayak Rentals: For exploring the surrounding waters.
  • Family-Friendly Environment: Welcoming atmosphere for families with children.
  • Beach Volleyball: Equipment available for guest use.
  • Scenic Ocean Views: Perfect for enjoying the beauty of Cozumel’s coastline.
  • Wi-Fi Access: Keeping guests connected.

All-Inclusive Option: No, Playa Azul charges a small entry fee and offers services and amenities on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, with a variety of activities and a welcoming environment suitable for all ages.

What Guests Love: Visitors come to Playa Azul for its exceptional snorkeling right off the beach, the serene and less crowded setting, and the warm, attentive service. The combination of natural beauty, recreational activities, and the relaxing atmosphere makes it a beloved spot for both families and couples seeking a peaceful beach day.

Chula’s Pool Party & Beach Club

One of the newest beach club offerings on the island of Cozumel, Chula’s Pool Party & Beach Club is an all-inclusive paradise offering vibrant party vibes, a range of water activities, and an unforgettable beach experience.

Chula_s pool party & beach club

Key Features and Attractions:

  • All-Inclusive Drinks and Food: Enjoy unlimited refreshing drinks and mouthwatering meals prepared by talented chefs.
  • Freshwater Pool: Dive into the pristine pool for a refreshing swim or hang out at the swim-up bar.
  • Swing Bar: Capture Instagram-worthy moments at the unique swing bar.
  • Water Activities: Engage in exciting activities like kayaking, snorkeling, Jet Ski rentals, and parasailing (additional costs may apply).
  • Party Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a lively party ambiance with excellent music and entertainment.
  • Luxury Beach Lounge Chairs: Relax in comfort on the beach or by the pool with luxury lounge chairs.
  • Umbrella Rentals: Stay cool under the sun with available umbrellas for added comfort.
  • Family-Friendly: Welcomes families, offering a fun and festive experience for guests of all ages.

All-Inclusive: Optional. Guests can choose an all-inclusive package that includes food, drinks, and access to various amenities or pay a small entry fee and pay-as-you-go.

Suitable for Adults or Families: Chula’s Beach Club is open to families but caters to a more party-hearty crowd. It’s a great option for birthdays or bachelorette parties and other groups traveling together.

What Guests Love: Visitors to Chula’s Beach Club are drawn by the club’s energetic and festive atmosphere. The club is fairly new (2022) and the facilities are well-maintained. The all-inclusive package, which includes a wide variety of drinks and freshly prepared meals, receives high marks for quality and value. 

Alberto’s Beach Bar

Positioned at Km 18 in the southern hotel zone, Alberto’s is a relaxed, authentic beachfront spot known for its fresh seafood, stunning sunsets, and laid-back atmosphere, perfect for a casual day by the sea.

Chairs and palapas on the beach at alberto's beach club

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Beachfront Dining: The main attraction here is the small restaurant specializing in fresh seafood and traditional Mexican cuisine.
  • Beach Loungers and Umbrellas: Complimentary for guests enjoying the bar and restaurant.
  • Snorkeling Opportunities: Near coral reefs teeming with marine life.
  • Live Music Events: Occasionally hosting live bands and performers.
  • Water Sports Rentals: Including kayaks, Hobie cats, paddleboards, wave runners and snorkel gear.
  • Spectacular Sunsets: Renowned spot for watching the sun go down.
  • Outdoor Massage Services: Available for relaxation by the beach for an extra charge
  • Casual, Friendly Atmosphere: Welcoming staff and a laid-back vibe.
  • Beachside Service: Staff available to serve drinks and food directly to your lounger.
  • Pet-Friendly: Guests can bring their furry friends along.

All-Inclusive Option: No, Alberto’s operates on a pay-as-you-go basis for food and drinks.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, offering a relaxed environment suitable for all ages but with a particular appeal for those seeking a more laid-back beach experience with great food. There is no pool at Alberto’s.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors love Alberto’s Beach Bar for its authentic Cozumel charm, exceptional seafood, and the ability to enjoy a peaceful day on a less crowded beach. Guests rave about the fresh seafood dishes at Alberto’s.

SkyReef Cozumel

South of downtown Cozumel on the coastal highway, SkyReef is a cozy beach club offering excellent snorkeling right off the shore, with a friendly vibe and various amenities for a relaxing day by the sea.

Skyreef beach club from the ocean

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Excellent Snorkeling Spot: Direct access to vibrant marine life and coral formations.
  • Tequila Tasting Experience: Offering guests a taste of authentic Mexican tequila.
  • Water Shoes and Snorkel Gear Rental: Essential for exploring the nearby reefs.
  • Beach Loungers and Umbrellas: Available for comfortable relaxation by the water.
  • On-site Restaurant and Bar: Serving delicious local dishes and refreshing drinks.
  • Massage Services: Available for an extra dose of relaxation.
  • Photo Service: Professional photos to capture your memories at the club.
  • Welcoming Staff: Known for their friendly and attentive service.
  • Entry Fee with Amenities: Includes access to snorkeling gear, a welcome drink, and a massage.
  • Calm, Clear Waters: Ideal for swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts of all levels.

All-Inclusive: Optional. SkyReef charges an entry fee (25 USD) that includes a welcome drink (draft beer, soft drink or water), snorkel gear, tequila tasting, and a 5-minute massage. Food and additional drinks may be purchased on-site SkyReef All-Inclusive packages offering food and unlimited drinks are available as well.

Geared Towards: Adults and older children who like to snorkel will love SkyReef. There is no pool at this beach club. 

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors are fond of SkyReef for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities, allowing close encounters with Cozumel’s underwater beauty. The added touches like tequila tasting and friendly service enhance the experience, making it a fun spot for those seeking a more laid back beach day.

Tortuga’s Beach Club

South of town at Km 8 on the southern highway, Tortuga’s Beach Club is a hidden gem offering a tranquil beach experience with personalized service, ideal for snorkeling and enjoying Cozumel’s natural beauty in a relaxed setting.

A drone shot looking down on totuga's beach club.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Snorkeling Paradise: Clear waters with abundant marine life near the shore. Snorkel tours are available.
  • Private Cabanas: For a more exclusive and comfortable beach day.
  • Water Sports: Including paddleboarding, kayaking and parasailing for adventure seekers.
  • Beachside Restaurant: Serving fresh seafood and local delicacies.
  • Cocktail Bar: Offering a variety of drinks and non-alcoholic beverages with a view. Tequila tastings are available.
  • Swimming Area: Designated for safe and enjoyable swimming. Snorkeling Tours are available.
  • Loungers and Hammocks: Spread across the beach for ultimate relaxation.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: Such as beach games, inflatable water park and snorkeling lessons.
  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Committed to preserving the marine environment.
  • Event Hosting: Available for weddings and group events.
  • Pet Friendly: Well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome at the beach club but not on the tours.

All-Inclusive: Optional. A 20 USD entree fee allows full-day use of dressing rooms, showers, restrooms, beach chairs, snorkel gear, kayaks, paddle boards and the inflatable water park. Food and beverage, tours, activities and jet ski rentals are an additional charge. There are all-inclusive day pass options starting at 80 USD. 

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, with a variety of activities and a peaceful atmosphere that caters to all visitors. Tortugas Beach Club does not have a pool.

What Guests Love: Guests appreciate Tortuga’s Beach Club for its serene environment away from the crowds, offering a more intimate beach experience. The quality of snorkeling right off the beach, combined with excellent food and personalized service, makes it a favored spot for those looking to enjoy Cozumel’s natural beauty in a more laid-back setting.

PalMar Snorkel Beach Club

PalMar Snorkel Beach Club offers a tranquil beach experience with exceptional snorkeling directly off its private beach into the famous Dzul Ha Reef.

Palmar snorkel and beach club

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Private Beach Access: Direct entry to a less crowded, serene beach experience.
  • Exceptional Snorkeling: Direct access to the world-renowned Dzul Ha Reef with vibrant marine life.
  • Comfortable Amenities: Includes lockers, restrooms, showers and a rinse tank for divers.
  • Pool: PalMar has a a freshwater swimming pool and a jacuzzi.
  • Lounging Areas: Plenty of loungers, tables, and chairs for relaxation.
  • Snack Bar: Offers a selection of tasty local snacks and a nice variety of beverages.
  • Butterfly Sanctuary: Features the Patas y Alas Butterfly Sanctuary for a unique wildlife experience.
  • Personalized Service: Friendly and helpful staff ready to provide everything needed for a wonderful experience.

All-Inclusive Option: PalMar charges an entry fee that includes access to amenities, snacks, and beverages.

Best Suited For: PalMar Snorkel Beach Club is suitable for both adults and families, offering a peaceful alternative to crowded tourist beaches with activities and amenities that cater to all ages.

Guests Love: Guests at PalMar Snorkel Beach Club in Cozumel are enamored with its tranquil atmosphere and easy access to some of the best snorkeling spots right off the beach. The personalized and friendly service provided by the attentive staff ensures that every visit is memorable, enhancing the overall experience. The unique aspect of the beach club experience is the on-site butterfly sanctuary, offering a delightful wildlife experience that adds to the charm of PalMar. 

Playa Corona/Corona Beach Club

South of downtown San Miguel at Km10, Corona Beach Club is a quaint, no-frills beach club celebrated for its exceptional snorkeling directly from the shore, offering a genuine Cozumel beach experience in a relaxed atmosphere.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Superb Snorkeling: Home to the famous Chankanaab reef, offering close encounters with diverse marine life.
  • Chill Vibes: A laid-back setting perfect for unwinding by the sea.
  • Beachside Bar and Restaurant: Serving traditional Mexican dishes and seafood, along with cold drinks.
  • Shaded Seating Areas: Palapas and trees provide natural shade for guests.
  • Accessible Location: Easy to reach, offering a quieter alternative to more commercialized spots.
  • Friendly Local Staff: Known for their warm hospitality and local insights.
  • Great Snorkeling: Tropical fish, rays and occasionally sea turtles can be spotted.

All-Inclusive Option: No, Playa Corona charges a small entry fee (100 MXN) and operates on a pay-as-you-go basis for food and drinks.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and families, particularly appealing to those who prioritize snorkeling and a peaceful beach day over extensive facilities. There is no swimming pool at Playa Corona.

What Guests Love About Playa Corona: Visitors come to Playa Corona for its exceptional snorkeling opportunities right off the beach, allowing for easy access to Cozumel’s underwater wonders. The club’s unpretentious, tranquil vibe, combined with genuine Mexican hospitality, makes it a beloved spot for those seeking an authentic and serene beach experience away from the crowds.

Punta Morena

A serene beachfront escape on the “Wild Side”, Cozumel’s rugged eastern shore, Punta Morena offers a laid-back vibe surrounded by unspoiled, natural beauty.

Pink loungers under palapas on the beach at punta morena.

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Spacious Beach Area: Wide, sandy beach with plenty of room to relax.
  • Natural Swimming Pools: Formed by rock formations, creating calm water spots.
  • Pools: Outdoor swimming pools including one just for children.
  • Surfing Spot: Popular with surfers for its waves on the east side of the island.
  • Beachfront Restaurant: Serving fresh seafood and traditional Mexican dishes.
  • Beach Loungers and Hammocks: For ultimate relaxation by the sea.
  • Children’s Play Area: Ensuring fun for the little ones. Dedicated childrens’ pool.
  • Rustic Palapas: Offering shade and a place to enjoy the view.
  • Live Music: Occasionally enhancing the atmosphere with local tunes.
  • Remote Location: Offers a getaway from the more crowded tourist spots.
  • Pet Friendly: Well-behaved dogs on leash are welcome.

All-Inclusive Option: No, operates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, with its natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere appealing to all seeking a quieter beach day. Located on the east side of the island, far from the cruise ship ports, this is a better option for visitors with no time restraints.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors love Punta Morena for its less commercialized, peaceful setting away from the main tourist areas, offering a true sense of escape with beautiful natural surroundings and authentic local food. The spacious beach and the natural swimming pools are particular highlights, making it a unique spot on Cozumel’s eastern coastline.

Barracuda Beach Club

Northern hotel zone next to the Melia Resort, Barracuda Beach Club is an intimate, lesser-known beach club offering a quiet retreat with pristine waters, ideal for those seeking relaxation away from the more crowded spots. Barracuda is probably best known for its popular Hideaway Speedboat Escape.

Barracude beach club

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Secluded Beach Access: Offers a peaceful beach experience with clean, clear waters.
  • Snorkeling Opportunities: Nearby reefs provide a chance to explore marine life.
  • Casual Dining: A beachside restaurant serving fresh local seafood and Mexican cuisine.
  • Bar Service: Cocktails and cold beverages are available. The pool has a swim-up bar.
  • Sun Loungers and Shade: Comfortable seating and shaded areas for relaxation.
  • Variety of Activities: Activities include kayaking, paddleboards, trampoline, table games, and beach volleyball
  • Water Sports Rentals: Equipment available for kayaking, paddleboarding, or snorkeling.
  • Exciting Tours and Excursions: Barracuda is best known for its Hideaway Speedboat Escape. Other tours are also available.
  • Rustic Charm: Less commercial, offering a more authentic Cozumel beach day.
  • Eco-Friendly Practices: Encourages conservation and respect for the natural environment.

All-Inclusive Option: Barracuda offers guests free access to its facilities with food and beverage service on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Best for: Barracuda Beach Club is suitable for both adults and families, looking for a quiet day at the beach with simple, enjoyable activities.

What Guests Love About This Beach Club: Visitors appreciate the Barracuda Beach Club for its tranquility, direct access to beautiful snorkeling spots, and the chance to enjoy Cozumel’s natural beauty without the frills and crowds of larger resorts. The personal touch in service and the relaxed, welcoming atmosphere could make it a hidden gem for those seeking a more laid-back beach experience.

El Pescador Marisqueria & Bar

Located on Chen Rio Beach on the western side of Cozumel, El Pescador is a hidden culinary gem on Cozumel’s east coast, El Pescador offers fresh seafood and tranquil beach vibes away from the island’s busier spots.

Pescadero marisqueria beach club

Key Features and Attractions:

  • Beachfront Dining: This small restaurant specializes in fresh seafood and Mexican cuisine with ocean views.
  • Protected Swimming Area: Natural rock formations create a calm swimming spot.
  • Secluded Beach Location: Situated on the “Wild Side”, the less developed eastern shore.
  • Outdoor Seating: Dine and relax with the sound of waves in the background. Beach loungers are available for guests to soak up the sun.
  • Family-Friendly Beach: Safe for children with gentle waters in the protected cove area.
  • Casual Bar Area: A beautiful place for a refreshing drink. Full bar including local beers and cocktails.
  • Rustic, Authentic Atmosphere: Offers a genuine Cozumel beach experience.
  • Mayami Wood Gym: Unique outdoor gym onsite with all-wood fitness equipment and programs such as personal training, aerial fitness, yoga, and cross-training (additional cost)
  • Water Sports Nearby: Opportunities for snorkeling and exploring the area’s natural beauty.
  • Friendly, Attentive Staff: Known for providing excellent service.

All-Inclusive Option: No, El Pescador operates on a pay-as-you-go basis for food and beverages.

Geared Towards: Both Adults and Families, with its welcoming atmosphere and safe swimming area making it ideal for visitors of all ages. Located on the east side of the island, far from the cruise ship ports, this is a better option for visitors with no time restraints. El Pescador does not have a swimming pool.

What Guests Love: Guests love El Pescador for its exceptional seafood, serene beach setting, and the chance to enjoy Cozumel’s natural beauty without the crowds. The combination of delicious meals, friendly service, and a relaxed, authentic environment makes it a favored spot for those looking to escape the more commercialized areas of the island.

What do you think is the best beach club in Cozumel? 

I live just across the channel in Puerto Aventuras and even I haven’t been to all of these beach clubs yet…but we are working on it. We are always looking for the PERFECT place to spend a beach day in Cozumel.

The information for each Cozumel beach club is accurate as of the publication date of this article. As you can imagine, prices, amenities and services change. If you are planning a beach day in Cozumel, to avoid any surprises, be sure to reach out ahead of time to reserve and confirm availability at the beach club of your choice.

If you spend a day in one of these beach clubs in Cozumel, let us know in the comments. We would like to hear about your experience!

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